Here's How to Book a Cab Via Facebook Messenger [4 Simple Steps]

With Facebook Messenger, users can do a lot of things other than just chatting with friends. One of the which allows you to book a cab, check out how you can do that.

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Facebook has recently come up with several new features for its Messenger app like that of changing the chat background color, having a secret conversation, and so on.

Here's How to Book a Cab Via Facebook Messenger [4 Simple Steps]

There are a few not so new features that we may not know or use that Facebook Messenger offers us with. Yes, did you know that Facebook allows its Messenger users to also book a cab while chatting with their friends on their favorite social media platform?

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Facebook Messenger users can now along with chatting can do a lot of interesting things, and one among them is booking a cab. Here's how you can book a cab via Facebook Messenger.

Open the Messenger App and Any Conversation

All that the user is required to do first is install the updated version of Facebook Messenger app on their smartphones, and open any conversation that they want.

Tap on the Cab That You Wish to Book

At the top of the Messenger screen, there will be '>' symbol and click on the cab option you wish to avail.

Registration is Important

In case you book Uber, registration with the Uber app is important, failing to do so, will not allow you to book a cab.

Set up Pickup and Drop Location

After you're registered, all you need to do is just set the pickup and drop location, and you request for a cab. You're good to go now.

Limitations of this Facebook Feature

1. Only Meru Cabs Can Be Booked in India Via Messenger as of now

2. The feature is still not available with the official Facebook Messenger app yet and requires build Facebook bots for the Messenger app.

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