Here's How to Spot "Fake News" on the Internet [Google, Facebook, Twitter]

The Internet, especially the social media platforms are being flooded with fake news more. Here's how you can spot fake news sources easily.

By Sneha

Recently, after the U.S presidential election, both Google and Facebook had been accused of displaying more of fake news leading to the win of Trump.

Several websites and news mediums had showcased various examples to support their statement, which is said to have played a great role behind Trump's win.

Here's How to Spot

However, even after several claims, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg denied the blame, but however is supposedly working on filtering out the fake news, which often misguide the users.

On the other hand, Google recently revealed that it is working towards controlling the fake news flooding the internet using online advertising service, Adsense.

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However, until Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are starting to filter the rising fake news, there are a few ways that online news readers can distinguish between fake and real news.

Here's How to Spot

Avoid These Websites

Most websites publishing fake news that ends with, Lo,, and more. Registered website URL doesn't often don't end like these, .com, .in and rest are preferred more.

Here's How to Spot

No Author Name For The Article

Most news articles will have the author's name as the byline, however, articles with no bylines or authors name, most probably can be fake. Hence, verifying facts is mandatory.

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Here's How to Spot

Several Stories Having Same Author Name

Just in case you visit a particular website and find that most or all articles are by one single author, it is possible that this news can be fake and verifying facts is suggested.

Here's How to Spot

Verify Facts With Other Sources

Be it any website, re-verifying the facts of the news is mandatory. Reading and believing on what one website states is not quite recommended, hence reading about the same topic from other websites is a good choice.

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