How to Send a WhatsApp Message Without Coming Online

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In our recent articles, we have brought you a bunch of WhatsApp tricks that you can use either to fool your friends or make your online privacy more stringent or simply to enhance your overall WhatsApp experience.

How to Send a WhatsApp Message Without Coming Online

As an addition to our list, we have again brought you a smart yet very easy trick to chat on WhatsApp without even opening the app.

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Sounds impossible? Read below to know the trick. This trick is most useful when you are driving, or your both hands are engaged.

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How to Send a WhatsApp Message Without Coming Online

Step 1. All you need to do is to open your Google app on your smartphone. When we say Google app, it doesn't mean chrome.

Step 2. Just say, "Ok Google, send a WhatsApp message to (your friend's contact name).

Step 3. Google will detect the application you have mentioned. Now you'll get a prompt asking you to dictate the message you want to send. Speak out the message and you are done. Google will now send the recorded message to your friend.

Step 3. You can also do it in just one step. For example, "Google, send a WhatsApp message to Sam: "How are you".

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