How to block posts of a certain topic from your Facebook news feed

    Isn't it a way too annoying to see the updates related to gaming, 'Friend X became friends with Someone', and other friends attending some event?

    How to block posts of a certain topic from your Facebook news feed

    Hide Unwanted Updates by Your Friends

    Each and every one of us loves to share about what we are doing, all the check-ins, where we are traveling and other updates on our Facebook profile. But isn't it a bit too annoying to see your news feed flooded with such unwanted posts?

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    Not to worry! Here's a way that Facebook itself has come up, which will allow you to hide certain posts which are somewhat annoying you.

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    FB Purity is the Solution to Hide Unwanted Posts from News Feed

    Facebook has a browser extension called FB Purity. This extension lets the user easily filter out posts that contain certain keywords and phrases that he/she specifically want to block from appearing it on your news feed.

    Here's how you can hide topics containing a certain keyword or phrase from your news feed:

    STEP 1: Click on the FB Purity Link

    Login to your Facebook account and directly go to the blue bar at the top of the page, and click the FB Purity link appearing there

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    STEP 2: Type Keyword/Phrase to Hide in Text Filter

    You'll see a space there, to enter or type the word or phrase that you want to filter out in the 'Text Filter' box. Enter as per your requirement.

    STEP 3: Save & Close

    After entering the phrase or word, to save it, and get an accurate result, the user is required to just click on Save & Close option button

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    STEP 4: The Post's that Annoy you are Hidden

    The user can filter their news feed, and see the result that FB Purity has filtered out any and every post that the users didn't want it to appear on the news feed.

    More on  FB Purity

    Not only can FBP hide the keywords, phrases, and topics that annoy the users, but also it has other inbuilt features and capabilities.

    One of which is that it can also hide  specific generic Facebook story types like 'Profile picture updated' or 'Friends attending an event' and so on. The posts that doesn't matter you.

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