How to Fix Aw Snap Error in Google Chrome: 5 Simple Steps

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Aw Snap! If you've used Chrome browser in your life, I am sure you must have come across this error. Usually, this happens, when you try to go to a website link and all of a sudden it crashes.

How to Fix Aw Snap Error in Google Chrome: 5 Simple Steps

In most of the scenario, reloading the page or opening the very same page in a new tab will do the work. In case, if it doesn't happen, you need to think of a permanent solution to resolve this issue.

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Before resolving this, let's get to know about this error. Generally, this 'Aw Snap' error happens due to lack of browser cache memory, slow Internet connection, hardware problem or incompetent plugins. You can sort out the issue by figuring out the problem as we mentioned above. If not, you can follow the below steps.

First and foremost, check whether your system is connected to the Internet connection

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Step 1

Clear Chrome browsing data. You can do it by heading on to Settings > Advanced settings > Privacy > Clear browsing data.

Step 2

Check if any Antivirus or Malware blocking the sites from visiting. Disable or turn off at first and try to access the web page. If this solves the problem, try to deactivate it for the particular website or add as an exception in antivirus and firewall.

Step 3

More often than not malware also causes this error in browser. Scan your whole device for malware and viruses or simply use the Chrome Cleanup Tool to find and remove unwanted software.

Step 4

If not, the press Ctrl + F5 to refresh it and fetch a new copy of website dumping the local cache resource.

Step 5

If none of the above the steps works, re-installing the Chrome is the better option, but always remember to backup all your book marks.

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