How To Fix Smartphone Internal Speaker Problems: 5 Simple Hacks

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Smartphones are increasing these days and at the same time issues with the device are still same. User always complain about their smartphone issues like overheating, network error, charging issues, camera issues, app crash, and much more.

However, one of the most common issues in the smartphone is that there is no sound in phone speaker. Well this could be the problem with volume setting or the speaker is not working.

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Today, we came with a list of common problems of all smartphones including Samsung, Nokia, LG, Apple, Micromax, Xiaomi etc may give problem of no sound from speaker. Have a look at the slider below to know more.

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Volume Settings

Smartphone Speaker Problem And Fix

There could be a problem with volume settings. First, check if the mobile phone is silent or vibrator mode and change the mode if required.

Face Call

Smartphone Speaker Problem And Fix

Make a phone call to your friend or customer care of your network provider, as it is free outgoing, and check the volume. Increase the in-call volume if required.

Hardware Issue

Smartphone Speaker Problem And Fix

If the sound problem still happens always, then check the speaker and mic. If any of them is damaged, take your phone to authorized mobile repair center to replace the damaged speakers.

Software Update

Smartphone Speaker Problem And Fix

If the problem happens on certain conditions then check for software or operating system update and upgrad to latest version.

Functionality Test

Smartphone Speaker Problem And Fix

There are some set of hidden codes, which are used to do functionality test by dialing code in your dial pad. Dial *#0*# to verify if there is any hardware problem. Here are all the list of Android hidden codes.

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