8 Common Problems Of Xiaomi Mi 4i And How To Fix Them [Tutorial]

    The Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi has managed a strong foothold the smartphone arena in Indian. The company released some great handset in the Indian market with good hardware at a comparatively lesser price.

    8 Common Problems Of Xiaomi Mi 4i And How To Fix Them [Tutorial]

    The Xiaomi Mi 4i is one of the most popular smartphone now a days. The handset has created a buzz in the market with its launch. The Mi 4i offered better features at a reasonable price than most other Android smartphones.

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    Unfortunately, like most other smartphones out there, the Xiaomi Mi 4i is not without its issues. Many users have been reported that their Mi 4i has several issues like overheating, network issues, app crash and more.

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    Today we came up with some common Xiaomi Mi 4i problems and how to fix them. Read on to know more.

    Xiaomi Mi 4i: Overheating Issue

    The overheating issues has been a common problem for most of the recent smartphones and Xiaomi Mi 4i is no exception to it. Many users reported that the handset heats up only after few minutes of gaming or internet browsing.

    Here is the Fix: The problem seems like a bug, which can be fixed with a new software update. It is reported that upgrading to the latest MUIU version has fixed the overheating issues in Mi 4i. Another ideal fix is to kill unwanted background apps if you are still facing overheating issues with your Mi 4i.


    Xiaomi Mi 4i: Performance Issue

    Although the Xiaomi Mi 4i is powered by and octa core Snapdragon 615 processor, it still has performance issues such as lagging while opening apps or middle of any task. Well, some users reported that, the touchscreen becomes laggy and takes too much time for responding.

    Here is the Fix: If your Xiaomi Mi 4i has the lagging issues than, uninstall unwanted apps and also clear cache files. Xiaomi has included a built-in app for Mi 4i called Security, where you can clear app cache, and speed up your handset.

    Xiaomi Mi 4i: Battery Issue

    Battery drain issues is not only for Xioami Mi 4i, it is a common problem for many smartphone users. To increase the batter life, turn off the service like Wi-Fi, GPS and mobile data when not in use. Close unwanted background apps, which also saves RAM memory.

    You can also take advantage of the built-in Security app in the Xiaomi Mi 4i, where you can optimize the battery life and also enable the battery saver mode.

    Xiaomi Mi 4i: App Crashes

    Few users reported that their Xiaomi Mi 4i apps are crashing on Xiaomi Mi 4i automatically, but this is not too frequently with users. Well, the problem seems to be that most users didn't close their recent apps frequently as a result there are too many apps stacked up using RAM. If you didn't close your unused apps, they will be using the RAM memory and will result to apps to crash automatically.

    Xiaomi Mi 4i: Call Drop Issue

    Apart from overheating problem, another common issue, which is reported by many users is the call drop. The call drops frequently without any notice or error code and mostly come with the latest MIUI update and could be a bug. Wait for the company to release an update to fix the issue.

    Xiaomi Mi 4i: Internet Connectivity Issue

    Most Indian users have reported about internet connectivity issue in their Xiaomi Mi 4i. The mobile data stops working just after few minutes of browsing. You need to change your APN access to non-proxy APN. For instance, if you have APN to Airtel Live, then change the setting to Mobile Office (MO). This should fix internet connectivity issue in Xiaomi Mi4i.

    Xiaomi Mi 4i: Charging Issues

    If your Xiaomi Mi 4i is not charging or stuck to a specific state, then try changing the charger adapter or the cable. If you still found the charging issue, then you need to visit the Xiaomi service center to check any hardware issues.

    Xiaomi Mi 4i: Lock Screen Error

    If you are getting a warning message like "Don't Cover the orange area of the screen" while unlocking your device. It seems to be a bug, wait for Xiaomi to release a fix.


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