Use flags to boost your Google Chrome speed

Have super-fast chrome in your PC


    Everyone wish to have a super fast browser which enables them to visit any page and view images within a fraction of a second. Chrome, offering clean user experience is widely popular among internet users.

    Use flags to boost your Google Chrome speed

    How about having the Google Chrome browser in your desktop which lets you browse any page without frustrating you because of its slowness? You don't have to do any complicated task to make it work. Chrome already has everything ready for it. Just by tweaking few of its hidden flag, one can browse faster. But before beginning, update your chrome browser and keep it open.

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    First, let us see how to access those hidden flags. Flags are all experimental features provided along with chrome which may or may not end up in the future stable release. So, they may disappear altogether at any time. Since it is experimental, when you access the flag settings page, it shows you a warning asking you to proceed with caution.

    Use flags to boost your Google Chrome speed

    It is very simple to access this flag page of chrome. One just have to type chrome://flags in the address bar and hit enter. Voila! You are inside hidden page now. It shows you the list of experimental features and now we will see how to change them to enhance the browser speed.

    Note: Use Ctrl + F to search any individual flags in the page

    1. Reload only required tab

    If you have multiple pages which have failed to load and you wish to reload only visible tab, then you can enable the option ‘Only Auto-Reload Visible Tabs'. If you do not want any failed page to reload, then you can disable this option along with disabling ‘Offline Auto-Reload Mode' which is just above it.

    2. Increase Page loading time

    If you want any page to load quickly, then enable the ‘Experimental Canvas Features'. This allows Chrome to use opaque canvas by removing everything underneath the canvas pixels.

    3. Change the number of Raster threads

    If you encounter slow loading of images when you visit any page, then you have to change the Raster thread value. Find a feature by name ‘Number of Raster Threads' and change the default value to 4.

    4. Quick re-authentication

    To send or receive the data quickly, you have to enable the extension ‘TCP Fast Open' which gives chrome a cryptographic cookie so it can re-authenticate before the traditional way of ‘three-way handshake' completes.

    5. Close Tabs and Windows faster

    By enabling ‘Fast Tab/Window Close', it makes both the tab and window to close quickly. 

    6. Reuse cache better

    Enable the option ‘Stale-While-Revalidate' to reuse the cache even after it has become stale. This helps in achieving faster browsing experience.

    7. Establish faster new connection

    To establish a quick new connection, head to ‘QUIC Protocol' and enable it. QUIC is an experimental transport layer network protocol which focuses on reducing bandwidth, latency, and congestion.

    Relaunch your browser

    Once you are done with changing the flag settings, you have to confirm the changes by clicking ‘Relaunch Now' button which appears at the bottom most corner of the page.

    Restore the flags

    If you wish to undo all the flag changes done to your browser, you can reset it easily by scrolling to the top of the page. Click on the option ‘Reset All To Default' and restart your browser. Done!

    There are lots of other option which perform some required task. You can try it by yourself without any fear because you know how to restore the flags as well.


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