Microsoft Pulls The Plug On Internet Explorer; Social Media Reacts


Microsoft Internet Explorer just had its last day yesterday, June 15. Now if you open Internet Explorer, you'll be redirected to the Edge browser automatically. Like always, social media memes and reactions were abundant as netizens bid adieu to the age-old internet browser.


End Of Internet Explorer

End Of Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer has been around for more than 20 years. However, Internet Explorer has hardly been popular in recent times. Previously, Microsoft announced the retirement of Internet Explorer and it has finally concluded the journey of the once-popular internet browser.


Social Media Reacts To Demise Of Internet Explorer

Social media, like always, was the center of all discussions about the end of Internet Explorer. Twitter was buzzing with tweets about the infamous browser. The hashtag #InternetExplorer was also trending on Twitter and other social media.

Additionally, memes about the demise of Internet Explorer were buzzing on social media. "The browser that was best known for its role in installing other browsers..." one Twitter uploaded. A lot of memes of the Grim Reaper taking away the Internet Explorer. The conversation between the two was made into a hilarious cartoon that was trending on social media.

"Is Internet Explorer ever truly dead?" one of the tweets asked. The cartoon that followed the tweet showed the Grim Reaper taking away the Internet Explorer, but the final picture shows the "Internet Explorer is not responding!"

Another eye-catching meme on Twitter showed a photo of the tombstone of the Internet Explorer with other browsers posing alongside. Other browsers here include Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome.

End Of Microsoft Internet Explorer: End Of An Era?

Internet Explorer was never the go-to choice for browsing the internet. While its launch opened doors to the internet, it also opened doors for better browsers. Despite numerous upgrades and updates, users preferred other browsers to Internet Explorer.

More often, one would simply use Internet Explorer to download other browsers on their system. That said, the end of Internet Explorer is like an end of an era. Most modern internet users would have hardly brushed their experience with Internet Explorer. However, with it, we wouldn't have the faster and smoother browsers we have today!

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