Torrents and 6 Other Things That Are Illegal on the Internet Right Now

    The internet is a vast ocean and you can push it beyond its boundaries. You can make use of the internet to do many things such as expand your business online, get to know new things and so on.

    Torrents and 6 Other Things That Are Illegal on the Internet Right Now

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    But, you might not realize that there are a lot of illegal stuff on the internet and you might actually do a few things without knowing that the same is illegal. When it comes to threats and downloading copyrighted stuff, it is not done accidentally.

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    To stay free from the consequences, you might be interested in knowing what actually is illegal online. The hot news is Torrents! There was a misconception that visiting Torrents for copyrighted content will land you in jail for 3 years. Soon, it was declared to be a fake news. However, torrenting for copyrighted content is illegal.

    Take a look at the seven things that are illegal to do when you are connected from the slider below.

    Torrenting copyrighted content

    Torrenting is actually legal, but you shouldn't download or upload copyrighted content. Most data transferred between P2P networks and file sharing tools are copyrighted. It is illegal to share or download a copyrighted movie or song with people who aren't intended to. Though there is no trouble until you are caught, this action is illegal and you are prone to getting caught.

    Trolling in online communities

    Trolling is quite common on the internet though it is not well-regarded. Many people have faced the situation of their comments getting removed by online community moderators. Trolling does not involve any criminal action, but if it turns into harassment, bullying or stalking, it is a crime.

    Cyberbullying on social networks

    Like trolling, bullying people on social networks is also illegal. You shouldn't threaten or harass anyone online. You should stay away from bullying a person whatever be the situation if you want to remain free from troubles.

    Recording video calls without consent

    It might be great to record a video call with a friend, but you need to discuss the same with the other person. It is illegal to record private conversations without proper consent of the concerned person. You will land in more trouble if you post the call online without the person's consent.

    Using fake online identity

    Though it is common for people to use fake names online, it is technically illegal. You need to pay proper attention to the terms of service of the website you are using before you use fake details to sign in.

    Using others' internet networks

    Many people connect to the internet using someone else's network. You should refrain from doing so even if the network is unsecure and you can log on without keying in the password. Though there are not many such cases that come up related to using others' internet network, it is an illegal activity.

    Reusing copyrighted content

    While searching for images online, you will come across a lot of copyrighted content. People come to the conclusion that the images can be downloaded and used though there is copyright. However, you need to remember that downloading a copyrighted image will not get you into trouble, but using one will definitely take a toll on you.

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