LG Showcases Shatterproof Stretchable Display: Rollable Smartphones, Wearables Incoming?

LG Showcases Shatterproof Stretchable Display

LG has unveiled a stretchable display that can also be folded or twisted. Such displays aren't exactly path-breaking, but LG claims it has produced the "world's first high-resolution" flexible display which is also shatterproof. The company is still tinkering with the technology but assures it could be the next leap in evolution after the widely-adopted foldable display technology. Let's look at the specifications, features, and possible applications of LG's flexible display.


LG Reveals "High Quality" Stretchable Display Panel Prototype

LG Display, a subsidiary of LG, unveiled a high-resolution stretchable display yesterday, November 8. The 12-inch flexible panel can be stretched up to 14 inches without sustaining damage. On releasing the tension, the display shrinks to its original size.

The prototype of the flexible display has a pixel density of 100 PPI (Pixels Per Inch). Compared to currently available non-flexible displays, LG's stretchable panel reportedly has a pixel density similar to that of a 40" 4K TV.

Although LG hasn't elaborated yet, the stretchable screen has "full-color RGB capabilities". LG Display developed the technology in partnership with Korea's Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.

LG Showcases Shatterproof Stretchable Display

The flexible display is made of a silicon substrate that's commonly used to make contact lenses. It uses micro-LED light sources which are smaller than 40µm. The company has developed a stretchable display out of flexible material with OLED technology embedded inside, explained LG.

"Unlike the conventional linear wired system, the stretchable display's flexible S-form spring wired system's optimal structure can endure repetitive changes to its form, assuring consumers of its incredible durability and reliability".

Basically, the micro-LEDs are connected using S-shaped microwire "springs". Traditionally, display LEDs are connected with straight wires. The tweaked, springy microwire structures can reportedly stretch up to 20 percent without breaking, and return to their original shape.

Where Could The LG Stretchable Display Panels Be Used?

The stretchable display is still a prototype and needs to be tethered to a board that holds the display driver, electronics, and power delivery mechanism. However, LG has indicated that stretchable and flexible OLED displays could be commercially produced in the near future.

LG Showcases Shatterproof Stretchable Display

LG expects the new flexible displays could be used in smart clothing, furniture, automobiles, and aircraft. As the display is supposedly lightweight, portable electronics too could feature these screens. Simply put, LG Display could be looking at electronics and smartphone manufacturers to adopt the technology, and make products with shatterproof and flexible displays.

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