10 mobile security tips everyone should know

    Do not use 1234 or 0000 as your security passcode

    By GizBot Bureau

    The Internet and all its wonder and advantages are available for one and all, even the older generation is quite intrigued by the phenomenon and the number of smartphones out there has increased the ease of access of the internet. People from all walks of life and all ages have started making use of the apps available.

    10 mobile security tips everyone should know


    But while the younger generation who have become conscious of the obvious dangers and threats associated with browsing the internet or using apps that make use of it, the users of the older generation who are just beginning to make use of the system are unaware of the scams and threats which lurk around every corner of the internet. So, let's take a look at a few tips that will help someone navigate the internet without falling for the obvious traps that are present in there.

    A smartphone is not just a gadget

    The smartphone can be used to play games and listen to music but that does not mean that it's just that, it has personal information and data which needs to be secured, you need to make sure that information does not fall into the wrong hands and must secure it with a password, PIN or pattern.

    Fake apps and how they steal data

    The number of fake apps warrants that one should make an effort to ensure that those who aren't aware of it must be educated to differentiate between an original app and a fake one.

    Saving ATM or credit/debit cards PIN on phones

    Making sure that banking data or credit card information is not saved on browsers is also an important step in making sure that data does not fall into wrong hands.

    Phishing attacks

    The unaware deserves a crash course in how phishing works and the steps they need to take to avoid falling for these traps.


    The telephone equivalent of phishing which aims to procure personal information out of people can be avoided by educating a user about the threats involved in it.

    Unknown numbers and missed calls

    If someone receives a missed call from an unknown number, calling them back might probably be a bad idea as this might just be a bot that aims to activate a service that you do not need.

    The unique SIM number

    The 30-digit number behind your SIM card can be used to identify your mobile number. Hence it is not something one should share with anyone.

    Oversharing on Twitter, Facebook or other social media

    Social media has a lot of flaws and pitfalls which quite a lot of people are unaware of, stalkers could easily target a house for robbery if they are aware of your vacation plans.

    Aadhar and other ID details

    It is vital to make someone understand how sharing your Aadhar details could lead to identity theft and ignore calls that threaten to disconnect a particular service if IDE details are not shared.

    App permissions

    A little bit of information about app permissions can make a lot of changes to how secure someone is while making use of a smartphone. There is absolutely no reason for a torchlight app to have access to things like mic, Wi-Fi details, camera etc. Warning folks about how they must be selective when providing permissions is a good thing to be aware of.

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