Here are 11 iOS features to look out for at WWDC this week!

    When Apple hosts events, there is always an excitement revolving around two of them primarily. Product launches that the company teases, as well as the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC).

    11 iOS features to look out for at WWDC this week!

    Developers and press from various industries and countries flock together to get a glimpse at the next generation software that the Cupertino giant wants to show off.

    iOS and Mac OS have always been the highlight of the conference. But with new iPhones launched, the company may be ushering in a new era of software updates to its mobile platform. Here are 10 features of iOS 10 to be excited about.


    Many smartphone manufacturers install a lot of malware within their operating systems. Apple does not provide any malware, but over the years, many users have complained how they never use most of its basic apps like Weather, Stocks, and Find Friends. No one can remove those apps, except through Jailbreaking. At this year's WWDC, we may finally see the company announcing to developers and Apple fans that these apps can finally be hidden.


    iOS has the most polished interface that speaks of premium designs. Developers this year may get the chance to see iOS sporting a dark theme all over the interface. Things could finally feel comfortable to the eyes when you view your phone at night.


    3D Touch is being implemented onto many apps. And at this year's WWDC, Apple will introduce to developers additional options that could be both on the home screen as well as within the apps. Shortcuts or bookmarking a web page could easily be done within Facebook if 3D Touch is upgraded.

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    Siri has been playing a pivotal role in the development of iOS. Every iteration has led to a swift, precise response to many questions and queries. In iOS 10, Siri could have better access to more apps and can get better search results.


    TouchID is now implemented into almost every inch of iOS features. No one can gain access to your Notes, your phone, or even your Wallet without your fingerprints. Developers can expect to see new security provisions being implemented in iOS 10.


    Internet of Things will soon become a part every gadget, home appliance, car, and any other electronic device we ever interact with. And Apple's HomeKit SDK can soon see more features added and the security features upgraded too.


    Emojis is never going to get boring. But always leaves room for imagination as you contemplate what more crazy and ethnic expressions will be added to the keyboards.

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    Apple's premium music streaming service will get an update regarding new features and even a design overhaul. The company may give a makeover to many other services with the latest version of both the desktop as well as mobile operating systems.


    The App Store too could see new designs and features in iOS 10 thanks to the rise of developers and apps across the world. India can be excited too as there is now a support center that helps companies to create the best apps for iOS and Mac.


    If WWDC this year does, in fact, launch a new iteration of iOS and Mac, Apple will open the software to the public for testing after a couple of months. Developers get a first hands on along with many other big companies to test out the new features. As soon as the major bugs are squished, the users can try out the software in advance.

    Microsoft implemented the same technique when launching Windows 10, and have been releasing new updates regularly to its testers.


    Apple's own coding language Swift will bring in more features that help developers take iOS to the next level. The coding language has become a hit among developers since it's launch, leading to a rise of apps and first-time programmers to come to the platform.

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