5 improved features we like to see in upcoming iPhones

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Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Cupertino-based Apple has launched iPhone X with a major overhaul in design along with iPhone 8 and 8 Plus devices. The iPhone X got rave reviews for its design and said to be one of the best design in the smartphone history. Nonetheless, no smartphone is perfect and it goes to iPhone X too.

5 improved features we like to see in upcoming iPhones

So in this article, we have mentioned 5 things that we wish to see in the upcoming iPhone's X successor.

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App switching

Initially with the app switching gesture felt so sluggish while changing from one app to another. But with the iOS 11.3 Beta 1, the problem got fixed with the app carousel and it is now faster. During app changing, swiping left or right introduces its own set of wobbles, which we wish to see it improved in the future updates if not in the new iPhone. Hope the future updates will have some refinement when it comes to app switching.

Camera bump

The iPhone X comes with an ugly camera bump, which rises up the phone body when kept on the flat surface. While the slanted hill design seems to be good on iPhone 7/7 Plus /8/8 Plus, but the ugly bump on the iPhone X could have been avoided. Hope, the company solves this with the upcoming smartphones.

Control Centre

One of the worst issues in the iPhone X is the placement of Control Center. It is the place, where it have some important functionalities including brightness and volume sliders, connectivity toggles, music controls and more. In this device, the control centre is accessed by a pull down from the top-right of the display.

Before it was easier, where we need to pull up from the bottom. This one from the iPhone needs a lot of thumb stretching and two-handed usage. In fact, users can't see the battery percentage level unless they open Control Centre.

Sharp hardware buttons

The iPhone X has a sharp power and volume rocker buttons on the sides that sharp enough though to scratch your fingertips. Earlier, it used to have a softer bevel on iPhone 6, which is missing here. Hope Apple changes this in the upcoming devices.

Face ID

Most of the time Face ID is accurate and unlocks the phone, even the mobile is just lifted to see the notifications. Even though it looks good to work with, it is not as comfortable as Touch ID. If you keep the phone on the table, you either need to lift the phone or you have to bend your body to unlock the phone. Hope the company brings back the touch ID.

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