5 Simple Tricks to Extend the Battery Life of iPhone 7

Ever since Apple has launched its new flagships, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it has been in the news for various reasons. While some reasons are good, others are bad. One such reason is the poor battery life.

5 Simple Tricks to Extend the Battery Life of iPhone 7

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Lately, lot's of users have been complaining about the poor battery life on the iPhone 7. If you are one of these, you can follow the below steps to improve battery life on your phone.

Don’t worry, wait for a while

Firstly, don't worry if you're experiencing a poor battery life. It's obvious that you'll use the iPhone more (for the first few days) than you'd use on a regular day, to check out all the new features and not to mention the all new camera. As a result, the battery will consume more power and hence the poor battery life.

Also, updating to iOS 10 means, re-indexing of huge amounts of data for the spotlight search on your iPhone which is likely to consume more power.

Reboot your iPhone

Wait for a couple of days and check the battery life of your iPhone on standby mode as well as when you're using it. If you're iPhone is consuming a good amount of battery even while on standby, probably re-indexing is still happening, give it some time.

If you're still facing issues, rebooting your phone is a good place to start fixing things.

Low Power Mode

In addition, you can use Low Power Mode to help reduce the battery consumption on your iPhone. Essentially, it kills the background app refreshment, downloads, and reduces some visual effects to improve the battery life.

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Turn down the screen brightness

You can simply turn down the screen brightness to a minimum to spare yourselves some battery life.

Use earphones/headphones for audio playback

Another thing you can do to extend your battery life is to use headphones/earphones (whenever possible). This way you can save a little amount of the battery life.

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