Apple Far Out Event Predictions: Here’s What The Gizbot Team Thinks


Apple’s biggest event of the year—“Far Out” is just hours away, where the iPhone maker is expected to unveil the next generation of, well, iPhones alongside the new iteration of the Apple Watch and AirPods. Expect some genuine surprises from the Cupertino-based company.

Apple Far Out Event Predictions: Here’s What The Gizbot Team Thinks

If the name of the event is anything to go by, Far Out could be a subtle hint towards an Astrophotography mode rumored for the iPhone 14 Pro models. Having said that, all rumors and speculations will be put to rest on September 7, 10:30 PM (IST), when Apple takes the stage. While the showcase of a new iPhone and Apple Watch is inevitable, here’s what the Gizbot team believes could see the light of day at Apple’s annual event.

Vishal Kawadkar (Copy Editor): SOS Connectivity For iPhones, But Who Will Bear The Cost?

There have been several reports hinting that Apple will be introducing satellite messaging for the iPhone Pro models. This feature will enable users to communicate in remote areas where carrier networks aren’t available, or otherwise facing outages. The feature can be handy in case of an emergency. However, it remains to be seen who among the carrier, Apple, and the user will bear the cost of satellite messaging.

Renowned Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Apple is done with the hardware testing for the feature ahead of its mass rollout. However, he did state that the launch will depend on Apple’s settlement with operators for a business model. Even though the iPhone 13 lineup has satellite hardware, connectivity wasn’t implemented due to this very reason. Let’s hope Apple and network operators come to an understanding for the iPhone 14 lineup.

New Bluetooth 5.2 Wearables Incoming

The AirPods Pro 2 will also likely be embracing Apple’s Far Out event. New filings from the company have revealed its plans to bring new devices with Bluetooth 5.2 support. And no other device fits the bill better than the alleged AirPods Pro 2. The next iteration of the TWS earphones is expected to feature Bluetooth LE Audio support.

It will mark a new standard for low-energy Bluetooth audio. But LE Audio shouldn’t be confused with Lossless audio, another technology coming to AirPods Pro 2. Lossless audio will be implemented through a completely new codec.

Sharmishte Datti (Sub-Editor): Paving Way For Port-Less iPhones?

One of the reports making the rounds was Apple’s move to remove the SIM card slot on future iPhones. Removing it is Apple’s way of pushing eSIM cards, as well as going for a completely port-less design. Rumors of a port-less iPhone have been rife, and the change might give it a much-needed makeover.

While the upcoming iPhone 14 models are likely to retain the SIM card slot, things might change with the future iPhone models, including the next-gen iPhone 15. But removing the SIM card alone won’t make the iPhone a portless device. It would also require removing the Lightning port, which is Apple’s signature feature.

EU regulators are urging Apple to switch to a USB Type-C port to make iPhone charging cables universal, and cross-compatible with Android phones. Rumors suggest the next-gen iPad might launch with a USB Type-C port instead of a Lightning port. That said, things might be different for future iPhone models past the iPhone 14. For all we know, Apple might even remove the port and offer only wireless charging.

This might create a complete port-less iPhone. Apple has already stopped bundling adapters to reduce e-waste. With a port-less iPhone, Apple will further reduce manufacturing accessories, such as Lightning cables, and further reduce e-waste.


Abhinaya Prabhu (Senior Sub-Editor): No iPhone Mini; Is This A Good Idea?

Apple is largely expected to discontinue the mini version of its flagship smartphone. Instead, the company is expected to replace it with the large-screen model—the iPhone 14 Plus/Max. Introduced a couple of years back with the iPhone 12 series, the mini variants failed to achieve the sales numbers that Apple might have anticipated. Moreover, the company had to cut the iPhone 12 mini production due to low sales.

Fans of small-screen phones still have options such as the discounted iPhone 13 mini, or a compact Android device. However, Apple should think the other way around to cater to this set of users as well. Bigger phones may be in vogue, but there is a market for a compact iPhone priced appropriately. The company sells the iPhone SE for those who want to use compact iPhones, but at the cost of slightly lower performance, unlike the typical flagship models.

Rohit Arora (Campaign Editor): New Cameras To Embrace iPhones

Apple fanatics have high hopes for the upcoming iPhone Pro variants. The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are expected to include significant camera upgrades that will push the boundaries of mobile photography. These variants will most likely feature a new Sony-made 48MP ultra-wide angle sensor with a larger sensor size (1/1.3-inch). This may appear to be fairly standard in terms of Android phones, but when Apple does it, the results are usually better.

The larger physical sensor size will allow more light and should result in better image quality in both daylight and low-light situations. As a result, the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max are likely to capture higher-resolution images with improved HDR performance and noticeably improved detailing.

Another significant improvement is the addition of 8K video recording. The iPhone 14 Pro variants are expected to include 8K video recording capability, a significant upgrade from the predecessor's 4K video recording. This, again, isn't revolutionary and isn't widely used either; however, Apple must have something interesting in mind while adding those extra pixels.

Vivek Umashankar (Sub-Editor): 10th Gen iPad Getting Much-Needed Makeover

They say, the third time’s the charm, but it might come true for the baseline iPad with its 10th iteration. We are obviously referring to the cosmetic makeover revealed by leaked CAD renders that have already given us an idea of its iPad Air-inspired boxy design.

When it comes to performance, the 10th Gen iPad might not be a head turner, as it is likely to use a dated A13/A14 Bionic processor. However, the upcoming affordable iPad is likely to offer best-in-class performance and is likely to outperform its contemporaries.

By the looks of the 3D CAD renders, the iPad might retail with the physical home button and Touch ID support. The display on the 10th Gen iPad might measure around 10-inch with a native 2K resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. The base model of the baseline iPad is also expected to offer 64GB of internal storage and will come in Wi-Fi and LTE variants.

Despite the design overhaul and hardware upgrade, the 10th Gen iPad is expected to cost around Rs. 30,000, which will make it an enticing product for those who might want a mid-tier tablet that could last for years.

What To Expect From The Far Out Event

That said, it’s pretty evident that iPhones will be the showstopper at the event. However, there are many other high-profile devices like the Apple VR headset that might not make a cameo. Besides, you shouldn’t be expecting any Macs at this event either as Apple’s September events are mostly iPhone-focused.

It will be interesting to see how many of these rumors and speculations turn into reality. If you are interested too, then stay tuned for real-time updates from Apple’s Far Out event.

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