Asus ZenFone AR: 6 cool things to do with the Tango phone

Asus ZenFone AR will let you come up with real-life solutions in the virtual world with 3D mapping. There are many Tango compatible apps to enhance your user experience.

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Asus ZenFone AR is the first smartphone to be launched with both Google's AR platform called Project Tango and VR platform called Daydream. The smartphone features tri-camera system with sensors for motion tracking and depth sensing. The ZenFone AR with these features priced at Rs. 49,999 in India is capable of bringing a mixed-reality vision to your life with the AR and VR capabilities.

Asus ZenFone AR: 6 cool things to do with the Tango phone

The smartphone lets you do many cool and awesome things that you had never thought of before with the Tango and Daydream functionalities. We got to spend a few days with the ZenFone AR and we like the Tango compatible apps those are available for download on the Google Play Store.

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Given that Google is all set to end the Tango support as it unveiled the ARCore, an augmented reality platform that does not need any specialized hardware, we are yet to see how to AR capabilities will take shape in the future. However, we liked using some apps on the ZenFone AR and here we list them out for you.

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Create a photo booth

Photo booths are always fun but expensive. This is where the Holo app for Tango phones will be a great savior. You can use the ZenFone AR's camera sensors to place characters such as SpiderMan, a fierce tiger, etc. and let your guests click photos with the same. This will definitely impress them as they can get an all new experience.

Experience a BMW in your garage

Who wouldn't want to experience a BMW drive? If you are crazy for the premium cars from this brand, you can use the BMW app optimized for Tango. This app will give you a sneak peak at some of the luxury cars such as bMW i8. You can use the ZenFone AR to place such a luxury car in your garage or any other big parking space and enjoy the interior and walk around the car but remember that is just a gimmick.

Turn your environment into a game

AR is meant for gamers and the Slingshot Island takes the Tango experience to the next level. You can convert your existing environment into a game with this app. It lets you create an island in your workspace or bedroom or wherever you are as seen in the image above. You need to try to fling the rocks at eggs with the background set in your space.

Renovate your space

Lowe's Vision is an indoor mapping app that lets you easily measure any space with the touch of a finger. It will use real-time augmented reality and help you in renovating your home or office space. It offers real-world solution for interior designers as well.

Take virtual reality tours

You can use the iStaging app to create virtual reality tours of your spaces in just a matter of seconds. You can preview furniture in your home or office with AR and digitize objects in 3D with this app on the Asus ZenFone AR that is compatible with Tango. It offers you all the tools those are needed to design your interiors.

Redesign your space

There are many Tango apps those let you decorate your interior be it your living space or workspace. Measure is one such app that lets you take a quick measurement with the Tango-enabled ZenFone AR by pointing at a surface that you like to measure. You can see the measurement displayed on screen. With this app, you can forget using a measuring tape or ruler to measure the space you need to renovate.

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