I Am An Android Person; What Kind Are You?


There's something that I have discovered over the last few months. This depends on person to person, but I personally incline more towards Android rather than iOS.

I Am An Android Person; What Kind Are You?

I have been juggling between the Android and iOS smartphones for the last few months and now I have come to the conclusion that I am an Android person and here are some of the reasons where Android has an edge over iOS.

Don't get me wrong, iOS is good, very good indeed. Here I am not going to discuss the faults that I found on iOS. Rather, I will explain what made me stick on to the Android ecosystem when given a choice, where I could use some of the best phones available on both platforms.

Android OS Gives More Control And I Love It

Android OS is an open-source ecosystem and it translates well to the end-user as well. From tweaking around the looks and feels of the OS, it also offers more intrinsic controls on the software, helping users to tweak a device completely to their liking.

I am not talking about hardcore stuff like unlocking bootloader or even installing a custom ROM. Just the basic stuff like capable of running an app like Truecaller, which helps to block a lot of spam calls and give you oversight on the name and additional details of an unknown caller.

The aforementioned use case is not only applicable for Truecaller as there are many apps that require special permissions that can be granted on Android OS if a user wants to. A phone is a very personal gadget and if a user wants to give certain permission to a certain app, he/she should be able to do it, and Android scores full marks in this regard.


Similarly, I can use an Android device as a USB storage device, to copy a file from one system to another system and most of the Android smartphones now come with a USB Type C port. This not only offers high-speed data transfer speed it also lightens the burden of carrying multiple cables.

I Didn't Choose Android Because It Is Cheaper

Though most of the Android smartphones are a lot cheaper than iPhones, I haven't considered this as an important factor while going with Android devices rather than iOS. A brand spends a lot of money on software development and optimization. However, the specs sheet is the major validation which makes a phone expensive or cheap.

I like Android devices over an iPhone due to the freedom that I get with respect to software rather than the hardware aspect. If Apple wants, then it can definitely enable all these features even on already existing iPhones and it is very unlikely to happen. So, are you an Android person or an iPhone person? Tell us in the comment section.

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