OnePlus 5T common problems and solutions: How to fix

OnePlus 5T users should go through these fixes.

    OnePlus 5T came with major upgrades to its predecessor. The main difference was the adoption of the full-screen design trend with an almost bezel-less display with 18:9 aspect ratio. Then came improved performance of the secondary camera at the rear for a better low-light performance. It also received the facial recognition feature via an update.

    OnePlus 5T common problems and solutions: How to fix


    Undoubtedly, these improvements made it a hit quickly. But that does not mean that the users do not encounter any glitches and bugs. If you use the smartphone and wonder how to resolve these common issues, then we list out the common issues and solutions as well for you.

    How to fix common OnePlus 5T issues

    You can get fixes for most issues you face with the device from here. Take a look at the issues and their fixes.

    Wi-Fi connection problem

    The Wi-Fi connectivity problem is the most common issue affecting smartphone users. These problems are in regards to poor connectivity to the home Wi-Fi network.

    To fix this issue, turn off Wi-Fi and go to settings. Try to turn off the Wi-Fi router for a few seconds and turn it on. Now reconnect your smartphone to the network. You can try the "forget" network option and reconnect. This will reset the connection between your phone and the network. Now, go to Settings → About Phone and check for pending updates. The reason is that OnePlus sends fixes to several issues via updates.

    Display brightness problem

    Adaptive Brightness on the device has been touted to be aggressive, especially in regions of poor lighting. The brightness level changes have come has a complaint from many users.

    You can fix this problem by updating to the version 4.5.3 as the update has the fix to the issue. If it does not improve the situation, download Lux Auto Brightness app to manage the brightness.


    Face Unlock problem

    Face Unlock is said to fail after a few months of its rollout. The complaints state that this feature is inaccurate in low lighting.

    The company rolled out the OxygenOS 4.7.4 update to resolve the issue. After installing the update, remove the registered face and redo the same again. Note that your face should be scanned in a well-lit situation.

    Camera problems

    OnePlus 5T was said to not get well with the filters in SnapChat in the initial days of its release. The company resolved the issue by rolling out major upgrades to the camera. It also addressed the HDR and video recording issues those existed.

    If you experience the issue further, you can go to Settings → clear Cached data for those apps that need camera access.

    Full-screen display for apps

    In addition to brightness, the other display-related issue is that the device does not run apps with 18:9 aspect ratio. Though the device supports this aspect ratio, some apps have black bars at both their top and bottom. The reason is that OnePlus has not given an option to control the aspect ratio. To resolve the issue, you need to wait for the company to roll out an update letting you enjoy full-screen app mode.

    Bluetooth problems

    If you are experiencing an inability to connect the device to Bluetooth in cars, then you can try turning off the phone and turn it on again. If that does not work, then unpair the device from Bluetooth and pair it again. This works if the device has received recent updates. Mostly, a fresh connection will pave way for a successful Bluetooth pairing.

    Performance problem

    This is one of the most commonly experienced issues with any smartphone. It might happen over time due to various reasons. Mostly, it will be a lag in performance due to opening many apps, playing many games, and using the device for long durations.

    In that case, you need to find the culprit app that is slowing the device. You can boot the phone in safe mode and check for performance issues. If there is no trouble, then it is an app that has slowed your phone. Now, install the Greenify app from Google Play Store, which will show the list of active apps. You can change the settings of these apps.

    Make sure you clear the cache of all the apps installed. If nothing works out, then do a factory reset by heading to Settings → Backup and reset → Factory reset.

    Fingerprint sensor problem

    If you are facing a fingerprint scanner issue, stay calm. The issue is not major and it happens as the device cannot recognize your finger.

    To resolve it, remove the case if you are using one. Make sure you register your fingerprint after adding the case to the phone. If it is done the other way round, then your device might not be able to recognize the fingerprint. Remember that you need to delete all the registered fingerprints and scan new ones.

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