After Reliance Jio, LYF Water 1 Explosion Creates News: 7 Tips to Avoid Smartphone Explosion

    Reliance is in the headlines in India for its Jio 4G service. It is talked about by everyone for the cheap 4G services, free calls and other good things. But, the company is in the news for a bad thing as well.

    After Reliance Jio, LYF Water 1 Explosion Creates News

    The LYF Water 1 smartphone that was launched at Rs 14,699 has exploded causing injury to the user's hand. The user was claimed to be browsing Facebook on his smartphone when the device exploded suddenly in his hand.

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    Right now, the user of the burst LYF Water 1 phone has received treatment for the injury caused to him due to the smatphone's explosion, but the reason for the same is yet to be known. Notably, the user was just browsing Facebook and the device was not plugged into the charger when it exploded.

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    Lately, we have come across many smartphone explosions. It was only in the last week that a few Galaxy Note 7 smartphones with defected batteries exploded forcing Samsung to recall the Note 7 units that were sold. Here, we have come up with some tips on how you can prevent your smartphone from exploding. Take a look.

    USB charging

    USB charging or low voltage charging will not charge your smartphone quickly, but it will provide slower charging with linear and low current. This will reduce the heat production and minimize the risk of ignition.

    Don't expose your phone to heat

    Don't leave your smartphone or any device in hot areas, especially when you have plugged in the charger. This will overheat the device and make the situation worse. Remember that the batteries are affected a lot by the ambient temperatures.

    Overcharging is risky

    If you are charging your phone all through the night or for longer durations, you need to change the habit as it is very dangerous for the battery and you too. It will expose the battery to overcharging on a regular basis that is hazardous.

    Remove the case or cover

    If you are using a case or cover to protect your phone from accidental falls and drops, you must remove it to allow adequate heat dissipation. It is common for smartphones to get heated to some extent while charging. If there is proper heat dissipation, the phone will not explode.

    Don't use the phone while charging

    While charging your smartphone, don't use it for any purpose such as making calls, playing games or watching videos. This will increase the risk of your phone catching fire as it is subjected to more work load and heat.

    Original battery and charger are to be used

    Use only an original battery from the manufacturer or the ones that are made by reputed replacement brands. You might consider using cheap batteries, but it might be a trouble later resulting in an explosion of your phone.

    The battery shouldn't be discharged too low

    Make sure you plug in the charger once the battery level hits 30 percent as it is a good thing. The Li-Ion batteries suffer from issues that they get damaged by low voltage.


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