Should You Really Use Dark Mode On Your Smartphone?


Dark mode is probably a term that you are coming across very often these days. It is one of the most popular features that almost user interfaces and applications are bringing. Apple, Google, smartphone brands, laptop brands, OS and apps are talking about some or the other type of dark mode.

Should You Really Use Dark Mode On Your Smartphone?


Though millennials might not be able to relate, dark mode is something that we have already seen. The computers that existed a few decades back used monochrome CRT monitors. These displayed greenish text on a black screen, which is a type of dark mode. However, this changed later with computer screens that have a white screen and black text similar to a notebook.

Fast forward to now, dark mode is getting back into full swing. And, several tech giants are advertising this as a nifty feature of their products and services. Without further ado, here we tell you reasons why you should and shouldn't use dark mode.

Dark Mode Saves Power

The known use of the dark mode is that it saves energy consumption on devices that are fitted with OLED and AMOLED panels. In this mode, each pixel is lit individually. When the background is white, all the pixels will be lit and the panel consumes more power. With a black or dark gray background, the dark mode consumes less power.

However, the power saving ability of this feature is limited only to OLED screens and devices with LCD panels will not really get the benefit.

Cuts Blue Light!

Another claim is that dark mode cuts harmful blue light, which is a high-energy visible light spectrum with the shortest wavelength. There are reports that excessive exposure to blue light can suppress the secretion of the hormone, melatonin that is responsible for getting proper sleep at night. Though dark mode is touted to cut down the harmful blue light, there is no scientific evidence. However, it does this by reducing eye strain and improving visibility.


Dark Mode Isn't Good For Everyone!

Well, many people find dark mode more comfortable to use in dimly lit conditions. But, it is not advisable to use the same all the time. Human beings are adept to seeing clearly in the day time than at night, be it objects or text. When it comes to reading text, dark mode is not necessarily a suitable feature for all.

If you find dark mode comfortable, then you might have issues such as astigmatism. It is said that the best readability is with black text on white background as the white reflects all the wavelengths in the visible spectrum.

Verdict: It Depends On Ambient Lighting

In the end, the experience with dark mode differs from one person to another. It depends on the ambient light conditions at the time when you use your smartphone. Though dark mode is better for night time use of your device, it is better to avoid using the device altogether at night to save your eyes from strain rather than cutting down the pixels that are lit.

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