These are the only devices to receive the Android N developer OTA update!

    Surprising users and developers all across the globe, Google today announced that the developer edition of their latest mobile operating software, Android N, would be available via OTA starting today. This news breaks all the speculations that were expecting the update to come at their annual I/O conference later in May.

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    Starting off with their in-house devices, Android N will be made available to all major OEMs within the months to come. Here is a list of all the compatible devices that will receive the OTA update at the offset of this upgrade.

    Nexus 6P

    These are the devices to receive the Android N developer OTA update!

    It is no surprise that the Nexus 6P will be the first to receive the Android N developer version as it is Google's current flagship smartphone. Launched with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the Nexus 6P is a beast of a device with specifications like Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB RAM, a Quad-HD display and a 12MP camera sensor. Termed as Android's best of 2015, the Nexus 6P is a great choice for faster upgrades as seen with Android N.

    Nexus 5X

    These are the devices to receive the Android N developer OTA update!

    The Android N developer upgrade will also be rolled out to Google's mid-range flagship for 2015, the Nexus 5X. Succeeding the Nexus 5, the 5X has been a force to reckon within the mid-range smartphone segment for the past 6 months. With specifications like a Full HD display, the hexa-core Snapdragon 808 and similar camera features as the 6P, the Nexus 5X is a justified successor to the highly-acclaimed Nexus 5 of 2013.

    Nexus 6

    These are the devices to receive the Android N developer OTA update!

    The previous Nexus smartphone is also slated to receive the Android N update as it is believed to still be a decent device when it comes to the mid-range pricing segment. The biggest problem of the Nexus 6 has always been its gigantic form factor, with a 6-inch display at the front. The Nexus 6 will be the last generation in Nexus smartphone range to receive the developer build of the Android N update. It is believed that the previous generations will get the final build after commercial release.

    Nexus 9

    These are the devices to receive the Android N developer OTA update!

    The Nexus 9 is the latest-gen Tablet from Google and will, apparently, be the only tablet to receive the initial Android N developer builds via OTA. Launched in 2014, the Nexus 9 is a 9-inch tablet - made by HTC - that boasts of specifications like a Denver processor, Nvidia Tegra K1 graphics chip and 16GB of internal storage. Priced fairly low by Google, the Nexus 9 was termed as the true Android competitor to the Apple iPad range. The Nexus 7 will not be one of the devices to get this OTA but it is expected that the previous-gen tablets will receive the final build of the OS.

    Pixel C Tablet

    These are the devices to receive the Android N developer OTA update!

    Google's bigger tablet PC, the Pixel C is also part of the initial list that will be receiving Android N developer preview via OTA method. Launched in 2015, the Pixel C is a much bigger 10.2-inch tablet that looks to target the hybrid device market, with accessories like keyboard and mouse available for sale separately.

    Another big news about the Pixel C is that Google is running a limited period offer of providing a flat 25% discount on the Pixel C, for anyone who registers as a developer. This seems like a step for Google to promote the testing of their new beta feature - Split Screen view - on their tablets.

    Nexus Player

    These are the devices to receive the Android N developer OTA update!

    Built by Google to enter the mobile gaming market, Nexus Player is another device that will receive the Android N developer OTA as soon as today. This $99 device hasn't shown much of its potential yet but Google is expected to have been planning some major updates for the Nexus Player to become fashionable once again.

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    Android One

    This category of Android One phones in this list is debatable as several regions across the world report that their smartphones haven't yet received the update. While we shall have to wait and see regarding that issue, Android One has been Google's pilot project to push the sales of low-priced smartphones in developing countries. With India being their main focus, collaborations have been made with the top phone manufacturers to develop cheaper phones with focus on faster updates.


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