When and why should you replace your smartphone with a new one

Check out these warning signs.

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Smartphones have become cheaper lately but that doesn't mean that you need to upgrade your phone every few months. You might try your best to keep your smartphone look and run like a new phone so that you can make it last another year. But there is a limit to what you can do and there comes a time to replace the device.

When and why should you replace your smartphone with a new one

It is good to upgrade the smartphone before it gives up completely. After all, replacing your old and aging phone with a new one will good you peace of mind. We say peace of mind as you need not end up stranded with a phone that doesn't function properly. However, the problem that we would like to highlight over here is understanding when you ought to replace your existing phone.

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We at GizBot, have come up with some warning signs that will tell you when it is time to replace your old phone. Take a look at these signs from below and make yourself a favor by buying a new smartphone.

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Vertical lines or flickering on the screen

The display of the smartphone is the easiest component that gets damaged. If your phone's screen starts showing vertical lines or any other abnormalities such as flickering, it is a big warning sign to change your phone.

Display responds too slow

Another warning sign that your phone's display will show is its extremely slow responsiveness. The display will take either miss or misinterpret a swipe or tap frequently, become very slow in responding to taps or swipes or miss registering the same. It is impossible to get things done on a smartphone with an extremely slow touchscreen, tipping that its time to change the device.

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Power button doesn't work

Most smartphones have just a few buttons and the power button plays a critical role. Imagine what will happen if the power button just stops working. In that case, you cannot turn the phone on or off and it won't be easy to use the device anymore.

Frequent shut down

If your smartphone shuts down frequently, it could be an issue with the battery used in the device. You have two options in that case - one is to replace the battery of the phone and the other one is to replace the phone as a whole. Notably, the first option is feasible only if you have a phone that has replaceable batteries.

Unstable OS and app crashes

In some cases, the operating system update might have come unexpected consequences after installing the same on the device. However, this is not common for all smartphones and devices. If you experience frequent app crashes or if the smartphone OS seems to be unstable, you need to immediately try a factory reset. If it doesn't help, you need to understand that it is time to upgrade the device.

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Overheating of phone while not in use

Overheating can be due to many issues. But, if the device is getting hot even when it is not in use, there could be a big problem with the phone. Overheating could result in an explosion that is dangerous. Either opt for a repair or replace your existing phone with a new one.

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Bulged battery

If the smartphone's battery is continually bulging, you need to replace either the battery or the device right away. Battery bulging can lead to dangerous consequences and it is a sign that the chemicals in the battery are breaking down. It can lead to the explosion of the battery that has serious consequences associated with it.

Camera performance is slow

If the camera on your phone is too slow, then it is a sign that your device is aging. The camera might show a lag while clicking a picture. If it takes a long time between hitting the shutter and clicking a photo, that's a warning sign to replace your phone.

Poor battery life

If the battery life of your phone is decreasing constantly, then it is a sign that your phone is aging. Of course, you can resolve this issue by carrying a power bank, but this is not an ideal solution in most cases. It is good to consider replacing the battery or the phone to resolve this issue permanently.

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