First android smartphone with an Intel chip

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First android smartphone with an Intel chip

Many months back Intel made deals with mobile handset manufacturing giants so as to give rise to a new breed of smartphones that come with an Intel chip powering it. Intel chip integrated mobile handsets rose in demand. But then suddenly Android handsets took over the market, completely toppling the market. Smartphones gradually went after Google’s Android Operating System and the combo became a successful one for most companies.

Recently reports came in that Intel is coming back to the mobile market, and this isn’t just a visit. Confirmed reports claim that Intel’s arrival to the mobile phone market would end up in the creation and launch of a Smartphone running in Android Operating system and powered by Intel’s chip. Now that’s a power packed duo.

Technology review, fortunately for them, got an opportunity to use a prototype of the Android smartphone which comes with the Intel chip integrated inside. If you are wondering about the specifications for this handset, you are going to have to wait a bit longer, maybe a few months or so. But reports from Technology review, did state that the Intel powered Android smartphone has a powerful Atom processor, which is a new model referred to as Medfield. Apart from the processor, the reports also claim that the Android operating system in the handset is the v2.3 Gingerbread Android.

Many rumours about the handset are there obviously, but a few reliable sources confirmed that the handset will have a dimensional measurement almost similar to that of an iPhone, and is said to share almost the same looks as well. It’s also reported that the handset will be comparatively lighter than many handsets as it has a plastic build instead of the usual glass and metal combo build.

After analyzing the prototype from every nook and corner, Technology Review reported that this Intel powered Android handset is definitely going to be a great performer as even the prototype made the full HD video playback and wireless streaming to HDTVs look like a walk in the park. Stressed web browsing was easy as pie for the handset as per the reports from Technology review. We don’t have to expect nothing less from a handset powered by an Intel chip.

The Medfield Atom processor in the handset is tweaked to be perfectly compatible with android apps which will have optimized performance in this handset. Sources claim that more details about this handset are going to be unveiled on January next year, and the handset is expected to reach the market by mid 2012.

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