Google Nexus 6 Battery Issues: Swells Up And Explodes

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Nexus 6 battery problems don't seem to end at all. Within three months of its international launch, users have been complaining about the rear cover of the Nexus 6 popping out, due to the battery swelling up and expanding or due to weak glue holding the rear cover.

Google Nexus 6 Battery Issues: Swells Up And Explodes

Now, a user from Delhi, Monica Jasuja, has taken to Twitter to reveal that the Nexus 6 didn't just expand, but exploded. She stated that the Nexus 6 was just lying unused and was not being charged but, still it just swelled up and exploded.

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She took to Twitter to post her experience and share the images of exploded Nexus 6. The Nexus 6 comes with a non-removable plastic back. Earlier this year, several users had complained on social networking sites such as Twitter, Reddit and Google+that the Nexus 6 back cover comes off.

However, the battery issues is not an small issue that one can refuse to overlook and these issues need to be looked into with earnest intent.

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It is known that some users facing battery issue are getting replacements. But, with a high price of Rs 43,999 in India, Motorola should have been more careful with the device build.

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