HTC Fireball rumoured to be a 4G LTE phone

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HTC Fireball rumoured to be a 4G LTE phone

The 3G revolution is now overshadowed by the advent of 4G enabled gadgets. The 4G enabled networks can achieve data speeds of up to 100MB/second for high mobility communication and up to 1 GB/second for low mobility communication. Devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc are being provided with 4G support.

Details about another 4G LTE smartphone have just been unveiled and that too from the HTC stable. The phone is named as HTC Fireball. Nothing much is known about the phone except the name, the model number and the fact that it will be a 4G enabled device. Only speculations are available even though some of the details can be assumed from Verizons internal listings.

If we carefully analyze the model number then the obvious thing is that it sits in between HTC thunderbolt and HTC Rezound. This notable point was put forward by Droid-Life. So the features and specs may come in between of these two devices. The model number of HTC ThunderBolt is ADR 6400 and that of HTC Rezound is ADR6425. The model number of HTC Fireball is given as ADR 6410.

HTC ThunderBolt can be classified a low end when compared to HTC Rezound. So if the spec list is in between the two then a middle level phone with a powerful processor and media centric applications may be the result. Sometimes it would be a 4G LTE enabled device that features a slide out keyboard. If that is true then it would be a serious competitor for Motorola Droid 4. This is a QWERTY slider phone that could be available from as early as December last week. There are also rumours that HTC Fireball will be something like HTC Merge. It was a very powerful android device that has some very challenging specs.

HTC has to have some very impressive and serious specs if it is to take on an opponent like Motorola Droid 4. HTC Fireball may be that device. The reviewers are keeping their eye out for any more details on the same. The expectation is that more news will be launched by the company officials itself by the beginning of the next year. If that is so they would lose most of their Christmas sales but if the offering is quite good they can make that up with a bang.

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