HTC One vs iPhone 5: Which Will Fare Better When Dropped?

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High end smartphones are no doubt advanced pieces of technology, but also they are one of the most fragile pieces of technology. Dropping these things can cause irreversible damage. Of course some of them fare better then the others. Android Authority decided to put iPhone 5 and the new HTC One through a hard to watch, drop test. Both the smartphones have aluminum bodies, but which would fare better, when dropped?

HTC One vs iPhone 5: Which Will Fare Better When Dropped?

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The two smartphones are taken through 3 different drop tests, to mimic live situations of how usually handsets are dropped. First the two are dropped from a pocket height. The iPhone 5 falls flat on its screen and well, there is some serious damage, with the screen cracking. However, the smartphone does manage to work, anyways.

The HTC One is also dropped from the same height, the smartphone falls on it's side and the bottom speaker, grill-cover of the phone snaps off, along with a dent on the edge of the smartphone. There is no cracking on the screen.

Going to the test 2, the two smartphones are dropped from chest height. This time the iPhone 5 falls on the bottom, causing a little bit of a scuffing. The HTC One, this time, falls on the same corner, causing a bigger dent. Again no damage to the screen.

Going on to test 3, the two smartphone are dropped from a ear height. Poor old iPhone 5, falls on the face again and there is even more damage on the screen. But it still works!

As for the HTC One, it falls on the other corner causing a dent. Again, there is no damage done to the screen. Perhaps, the balancing of the smatphone is such, that it somehow falls towards the sides.

To get a satisfactory ready, HTC One is once again dropped flat on the screen from face height. This time, the screen cracks, similar to the iPhone 5. HTC One like it's rival still manages to work.

Conclusion, don't drop your smartphones! Both devices seem to get equally damaged, when dropped, so it can be said both the devices are in par.

Catch the video demonstration of the test below.

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