LG Announces Curved Batteries: Bendable Display Phones, Smartwatches Closer to Reality?

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LG Chem (LG's battery manufacturing division), has announced that it will start producing curved batteries later this month. These new units will go on to power the next generation of the South Korean giant's phones, and will also work well with its curved displays and the company's upcoming Flexible displays. The technology is based on the company's 'Stack and Folding' patent.

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LG Announces That It Will Produce Curved Batteries

The company said that it has completed development of the batteries and that they will work well with wearable devices like smartwatches and glasses.

The company also provided some additional information on flexible Cable batteries which it will mass produce in coming years. They can be used for wearable devices like smartwatches. They can bend, tie and still provide power. LG has also confirmed that the devices will not heat up even during extended use and that they even offer waterproof functionality.

Apart from this, LG Chem is also aiming at becoming the world's top stepped battery maker. The company's stepped battery can be seen in its LG G2 flagship smartphone, in which two batteries are stacked up on each other so as to better-fill internal volume. The result of the change is that it offers more battery life than traditional batteries. Apart from the LG G2, other phones with a curved back include the Moto X, which uses a stepped LG Chem battery as well. The company has been producing such batteries at its Nanjing plant since July.

These new developments add more weight to the recent buzz on curved displays on smartphones from the South Korean electronics giant. 

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