Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone 8 speculated to come with an iris scanner and OLED display

Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone 8 is one to keep an eye out for, literally

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The iPhone 8 is speculated to come with an iris scanner and an OLED display, which is said to be provided by Samsung. To recollect the iris scanner was first sported by the explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7. There has been a lot of buzz and rumors surrounding the specification, price and design of the iPhone 8, while most of them are just rumors, some of them do seem to be possibilities.

iPhone 8 speculated to come with an iris scanner and OLED display

As this year is a milestone for the iPhone which marks its 10th anniversary, the iPhone 8 is a bit special for the company. The Cupertino-based tech giant definitely seems to be stepping up their game and preparing themselves to deliver an iPhone to impress critics and users alike. Apple is bound to make a comeback, especially after having disappointed critics and users with the iPhone 7.

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A majority of the rumored specs, wish-list of upgrades and features might actually take shape and be part of the iPhone 8. Further, there are rumors that Apple will be launching three iPhones, one of them could possibly be called the iPhone X which signifies the "10th-anniversary" edition. The upcoming iPhones are said to go back to having a back glass like the ones seen on the iPhone 4 and 4s. In addition, they are believed to support wireless charging, according to a few sources, this may not be a rumor anymore.

iPhone 8 speculated to come with an iris scanner and OLED display

Further, there are rumors that the side frame might use forged stainless steel as it is comparatively cheaper compared to the aluminum used on the iPhone 7. It is also rumored that the side buttons might be replaced by touch sensitive points. The iconic physical home key is said to be replaced with a touch sensitive home key on the OLED display, which is coming from Samsung. It is believed to sport curved edges as seen on the Galaxy S7 Edge.

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When it comes to Apple it is hard to make assumptions based on leaks and rumors as they are known to make changes and upgrades to their phones even when they are in the production stage. Further, Apple is said to start manufacturing the iPhones in Bangalore, this should help with keeping the prices lower, hopefully. So as of now, these are the rumors and leaks which we have caught onto, we will update you as and when we get any new updates.


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