Crazy Sacrifices to Get Apple iPhone, iPad and More

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    Cupertino giant Apple is one such company, where it is loved by some and hated by some. Here, in this case both the love and hate goes to extreme. Basically people love "i" devices due to the approach towards the consumer product which is fundamentally different from others.

    The approach includes brand interactions with consumers, from retail experience to product design to marketing and PR. According to Apple, the main aim of the company is to build the products that they, themselves, would like to use. Also, the company emphasizes quality in both construction and user experience unlike other companies.

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    Even though, the company is not great at everything, they will make sure it's very good at some specific set of tasks. Moreover, the company mainly focuses on the end-to-end integration between hardware and software.

    In some parts of the world, people makes some serious sacrifices and saving to get the Apple devices during its initial days of launch. Recently, the Tim Cook's company has launched the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus smartphone in some parts of the world.

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    The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be launched in the Indian market on October 16 starting from Rs. 62,000. Before the launch of iPhone 6s in India, we will take you through some instance, of how people sacrificed to get their premium devices.

    Case #1

    In order to buy an iPad 2, the 17-year old student from Anhui province, China, sold his kidney for 22,000 yuan (approx Rs. 2,26,260). Even though he got his wish fullfilled not only with iPad 2 but also iPhone 4, some report emerged later that the teenager was suffering from kidney failure.

    Case #2

    A Chinese couple sold their 'newborn daughter' for 40,000 yuan (approx Rs. 4,11,483) to buy iPhone 5. The couple has posted an advertisements to sell their child even before the birth. With that money, the couple not only bought iPhone 5 but also pair of sneakers and other goods.

    Case #3

    In a bizzare incident, two men from China's eastern Jiangsu Province(Wu and Huang) tried to sell their kidney for the latest iPhone 6s. The two men found illegal agent on the Internet, who asked them to take medical examination at a hospital. However, the agent didn't turn up, Wu told Huang, to stop the plan, but Huang did not listen. Wu then filed complain against Huang. He has been out of reach ever since.

    Case #4

    Another anonymous Chinese student proposed an idea of renting girl friends to save money for iPhone. This propose that the tenants can have lunch with a girl, to sit with her at the Desk in the classroom or to play computer games. And the most important thing is "No sexual services"!

    Case #5

    A teenager from Guangdong province posted a status saying " to have an iPhone 4 - her dream" on her official social network Weibo. She also offered to exchange her innocence to anyone who will buy her the iPhone 4.

    Case #6

    Meet Mr. Denver Thomas Martel! He went to a complex surgery on the finger to make it easier to type on a touch screen phone and press the Home button of iPhone. Thomas took this surgery because he was suffering from excessive weight and often failed to get the required activity on the phone.

    Case #7

    Apple is so lucky, that their fanboys will go to any extent to save their beloved device. One such instance is from a 16 year old blok from Germany. He tried to drain the whole pond, after he dropped his iPhone in the water. Kudos to his insane thinking! After he failed to drain the pond, he pumped out the water in a nearby public toilet.
    Sadly his effort gone in vain and he paid fine for damaging the public toilet.

    Case #8

    In an attempt to save her wife's iPhone, the woman's husband from Henan province decided to dive into the cesspool hole to get the device, however he lost his consciouness immediately. After some rescue operations, the girl's husband died and the iPhone was never recovered.

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