Google Pixel 7 Pro Teardown Exposes Its Low Repairability; Should You Still Get One?

Google Pixel 7 Pro Teardown Exposes Its Low Repairability

The Google Pixel 7 Pro might be days away from hitting the shelves officially, but the device has already been put through a stringent teardown. Google's flagship Android smartphone appears to have a similar internal construction as its predecessor. Additionally, intentional design and hardware layout choices seem to imply the phone may not be DIY repair-friendly.


YouTube channel PBKreviews got hold of Google's new Pixel 7 Pro before its October 13 release date. With a simple set of tools, the YouTuber managed to open the smartphone. He usually pries open the screen with a suction cup and a pick. The YouTuber relies on a heat gun or isopropyl alcohol to gradually weaken or dissolve the glue that holds some of the components such as the screen, battery, and so on.

Is The Google Pixel 7 Pro Easy To Repair Or Fix?

After successfully taking apart the Google Pixel 7 Pro, the YouTuber noticed several key design elements. The design choices made by manufacturers define the repairability of their devices. In the Pixel 7 Pro's case, removing the screen was fairly easy. Additionally, pulling out the battery wasn't difficult either. This indicates buyers could replace a broken screen or battery fairly easily.

Incidentally, PBKreviews has also disassembled the Pixel 6 Pro in one of his previous videos. He made a similar observation about the device. In other words, Google hasn't made any significant changes in the internal hardware layout. The company has merely upgraded the hardware. Google has traditionally focused on the software side, keeping the hardware simple.


Although the screen and battery could be easily swapped out, the teardown of the Google Pixel 7 Pro does indicate some potential issues. The more miscellaneous parts or smaller components inside the Pixel 7 Pro seem to be the most difficult to repair.

The YouTuber didn't list every small piece but did mention that repairing the charging port and the back glass could be difficult. While the charging port is soldered onto the daughterboard, the back glass appears to be glued. Hence, it would make more sense to swap out the board and the glass, instead of repairing these individual components.

Device manufacturers are gradually warming up to the "Right To Repair" concept. The Google Pixel 7 Pro might not be easy to repair for hobbyists, but getting the major components swapped out, doesn't seem difficult. Incidentally, Google made the Pixel 3a, one of the most DIY repair-friendly devices, way back in 2019.

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