10 Secret Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera! [With Sample Shots]

    Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is definitely one of the better phones for the year 2015, which is available in India at a price of Rs. 46,496 (32GB) Rs. 55,900 (64GB).

    While it comes with an outstanding display, terrific battery life and the multi-functional stylus - this handset has also got an incredible camera which takes some great outdoor shots whether in the bright sunlight or low light conditions.

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    GizBot got a chance to experience the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for a while and it didn't disappoint us. The handset sports the same camera as the Samsung Galaxy S6; the 16 MP rear sensor with OIS (optical image stabilization) which produces some of the best images around, and 5MP front-facing camera which captures some great selfies.

    Adding more to the cocktail, the Galaxy Note 5 also gets a few more editing and shooting modes and guides -- little things, mostly, but these are always fun to discover.

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    So, if you wish to get the most out of your Note 5's camera, here below we offer you some unique tips and tricks with which you'll be able to capture some breath-taking pictures and videos from your new handset.

    10 Secret Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera! [Sample Shots]

    Double-press home button to launch

    That's the quick launch feature of the Galaxy Note 5, where you just have to press home button of the phone twice to launch the camera.. and you can start clicking!

    10 Secret Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera! [Sample Shots]

    Pro mode

    If you wish to click pictures like a pro, this option is for you, just tap Mode and select Pro. You can set the focus and control the exposure as per the lighting conditions and the subject. In this mode, you'll also have the option to save it as a raw file, which will offer photographers much more post-processing control.

    10 Secret Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera! [Sample Shots]

    4K video setting

    As per our experience, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can capture some great 4K videos! To select 4K, tap the camera icon, go to Settings, select video side and there you can select FHD. However, choosing 4K will eliminate some features including HDR video, video effects, video stabilization, pictures while taking video and tracking autofocus (all restrains to the phone's processor still not being able to handle 4K video quality)

    10 Secret Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera! [Sample Shots]

    Record a video collage!

    In this mode, you can record four video shots of 6-second and make a collage out of it. This works for both, front and rear camera. At the same time, you can also add background music and share on any social platform or just with anywhere and anyone.

    10 Secret Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera! [Sample Shots]

    Create action-packed Animated GIFs!

    This is a feature which you will find in the Photo editor section. Yes, now you can create an animated GIF in your Galaxy Note 5 by selecting a series of shots and convert that into an action sequence.

    Enjoy making slow motion videos!

    You can easily capture some great slow motion videos with the Galaxy Note 5. All you have to do is open the camera, tap the 'Mode' button and switch to slow motion, then start recording. Once the video is recorded, it can be tweaked easily with the editing mode. By default the video will play for a couple seconds at regular speed, then slow down, and resume to normal speed for the last couple of seconds. Moving the yellow sliders will shorten or lengthen the portion that you want to appear as slo-mo. At the same time you can also select the speed of the slow motion videos in 1/2, 1/4 or 1/8 speed.

    10 Secret Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera! [Sample Shots]

    Time Lapse!

    Just like the slow motion video, one can also create some great time lapse videos with the help of Fast Motion mode in the Note 5 camera. The whole process will be same, just that instead of slo-mo you'll get a time-lapse this time, which can be edited and personified in the same way.

    10 Secret Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera! [Sample Shots]

    Clicks wide selfies easily!

    You simply have to select your front camera, go to the Mode >Wide Selfie and as it directs, tap the camera button and swivel your Note 5 in one direction (you get a visual indication in the top-right of the viewfinder). It works perfectly well, just make sure everyone in the picture group stands still and the camera moves real smoothly.

    10 Secret Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera! [Sample Shots]

    The All New Live broadcasting Feature!

    Well, the Galaxy Note 5 also comes with a brand new live broadcasting feature that lets you record to YouTube. This is essentially Samsung and YouTube's take on Twitter's Periscope tool. To experience the same, you'll have to set up a somewhat-complicated sign-in process to get your Google Account verified to stream live. The completing the process, you will be able to buffer your videos on your YouTube page.

    Virtual Selfie

    As Samsung quotes, 'create some beautiful multi-directional views of objects, almost 360 degree photos.' In simple words, this mode allows to take a series of shots while moving around or walking. The final photo outcome looks like a 3D image, and it's also interactive as it moves around when you rotate the phone left to right or vice-versa.


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