Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Teased Big Time Ahead of IFA 2014: Here's Everything You Need To Know

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Samsung is gearing up for big things with the upcoming IFA 2014 knocking at the door. Sure the company has already hit it off massively at the previous MWC with the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S5, but going by its history, the company isn't really done yet.

While the Galaxy range of handsets have created a sort of aura over Samsung, it also has the similar kind of expectation with its Galaxy Note range of phablets that have their own history in the market. And the upcoming Note 4 phablet is a testament to the company's ability to stick in that market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Teased Ahead of IFA 2014: All You Need To Know

The Note 4 is all about officially revealed by Samsung. Sure we still haven't any idea on how the handset will eventually pan out, but going by whatever leaks and rumors we have seen for the handset in the past, things afre sure to get exciting come the IFA event.

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With the Galaxy series ever-growing, the company has also been maintaining a great track record with its notable phablet offerings that come with the Galaxy Note series of handsets. And the next one, the Galaxy Note 4, as you may expect, is just around the corner.

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But with the IFA 2014 soon happening, this might just be the last chance to take a look at all the rumors (of course, with the new teaser) that have accumulated over the past few months for the handset. So here's look at what we have learnt about the smartphone via its leaks and rumors.

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So Are We Getting the Curve or Not?

We shall keep asking this question until the day the new phablet from Samsung goes live. Samsung, in the past, has teased a curved screen that would be incorporated for its future handsets. But do we finally see the curve factor for the Note 4? Well, numerous reports in the past have claimed that the Galaxy Note 4 might have a curved screen, although being different from the previously released Galaxy Round. But we think Samsung just might pass up on the curve idea for this one.

How Big is the Screen, Exactly?

If a comparison is to be struck with regard to the screen factor with all other Notes in the past, while the original Note sported a 5.3-inch screen, the Note 2 showed up with a 5.5-inch display. You can see the increase in size with each handset with each passing release. But one thing's for sure, the next Note will have to be bigger.

Reports have repeatedly stated how the Galaxy Note 4 will be coming with a 5.9-inch display, matching up, in turn, to the likes of HTC One Max and LG G Pro 2. Nothing has been official as of now, but a bigger screen is the least expected thing in this regard.

The Price Tag it Will Carry on Release

Not everything falls as per the rumors. In this regard, however, most of the users will indeed be happy if the rumors don't actually turn out to be real. The rumor we are talking about is related to the pricing and it's bad news. Rumors everywhere have claimed that the new phablet will cost even greater than the Samsung Galaxy S5. We are not sure how true this rumor is, but to be on the safer side, start saving up.

How About the Camera Quality for the Note 4?

This one has to be the only aspect that has taken the blogosphere by storm. That is, determining the kind of camera we might be getting with the Note 4. A previous ET report had even claimed that Samsung is developing a 20MP sensor for the device, and that it is due for release in the second half of the year. But since the Note 3 featured a 13MP shooter, it's not a big deal to expect the next iteration to come with an even better camera.

Finally, The Teaser You Have Been Waiting For

When all is said and done, we can take cue from the recently teased Note 4 video ahead of the IFA 2014. Here's the video. Feel free to share you opinions on it in the comment section below.

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