Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 Drop Test: Who Survived?

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Undoubtedly, the high-end smartphones that are launched these days are the most fragile masterpieces and they ought be maintained carefully. Tough your take numerous precautions to prevent your smartphone from accidental falls, you might drop it someday.

What if your smartphone witnesses a sudden drop? Of course, it would be crashing on the ground, but, some of them have been build by the manufacturers to withstand the shock, while some others are not.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 Drop Test

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The drop tests are usually done to provide a fair idea of how a handset might fare when it accidentally touches the ground and it also helps the users to protect their smartphones accordingly. The test assists in offering an idea of how robust and durable the smartphones are.

The launch of Galaxy S4 is huge in the smartphone arena as Samsung pushes the boundaries further of what a smartphone is capable of and how users can interact with it. Samsung has been steadily challenging its rival - Apple and has done a good job with the Galaxy S4 - the most recent competitor to Apple's iPhone 5.

Hence, tech enthusiasts and consumers across the world would definitely be interested in checking out how well Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 compete with each other. While the tech media world is flooded with comparison of specifications, features and more of the two flagship smartphones, here is an interesting comparison.

Vloggers GizmoSlip has uploaded a video on YouTube showing the Galaxy S4 in a drop test against Galaxy S3, as well as the Apple iPhone 5. In 2012, the drop test of Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 was viral and the Apple offering escaped with minor bruising as compared to its challenger, whose plastic cover poppen open upon an impact with the ground.

Since then, the South Korean tech giant was criticized for using a plastic casing on its flagship Galaxy S lineup and was hoped to use a metal one on the Galaxy S4. Unfortunately, Samsung has stuck with polycarbonate on the recent smartphone as well and here is a drop test video of the three smartphones.

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It seems like Galaxy S4 comes with a similar build quality and resistance to damage. The iPhone 5 has passed the drop test with flying colors and has emerged with external damage including shattered screen.

Apparently, every device will break when it is dropped down on hard flooring, there is no denying the fact. But, Samsung handsets seem to be more vulnerable to shocks than iPhone 5, which is mainly to its plastic build. However, it has to be kept in mind that the plastic cover offers access to a removable battery, which will definitely be a boon to the consumers.

Also, the plastic build makes the handset lighter and less prone to scratches as compared to the aluminium or glass casing and is also easy and less expensive to replace, in case of damage.

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