Samsung i9500 – with Intel backed Tizen

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Samsung i9500 – with Intel backed Tizen

The world really didn’t have enough, when it comes to having renewed operating systems and other softwares in their handsets. There are already too many operating systems, running in the chipsets and mother boards of high -end intelligent smart phones and tablets like Android, Windows and even the iOS devices from apple. Each stands different from each other in performance, nature though the purpose and strategy of operation remains to be same almost all the time.

Preparing to get added to the list of operating systems is Samsung GT-i9500. The all new Samsung GT i9500 can be said to be the first ever handset to be working on the very new Samsung-Intel backed Tizen OS.

The new looks of the Samsung GT i9500 has already leaked out to some websites and the images appear to be  cool and different from the other previous Samsung phones. The Smartphone which is expected to be launched in the first quarter of this year has already given hope of finding something unique and different in the handset.

  • The render is traded from the Tizen SDK which resembles to the galaxy S II Smartphone.
  • The home button now is redesigned to be square instead of a rectangular button found in the others.

A front facing camera can be seen if someone feels like it’s strange or weird to have the render picture of the device in SDK, know that Samsung has already done that long time back when it included Samsung Wave’s 725 in Bada of the Tizen device which is supposed to have SDK earlier.

Many look forward to the arrival of the first Tizen device which would be somewhere in the mid of 2012.The software was initially called as MeeGo successor at the Intel. It would have remained to be simply a Linux platform based open source project if it weren’t for Samsung. Slowly Samsung got involved and things started to change. Now it’s something everyone is looking forward to. Some other big names to be heard around are Panasonic, Vodafone and NNT Docomo, the partners in the list.

There are many things that make Tizen different and one main reason among them is the HTML 5.This is the main reason why Intel shifted from MeeGo to Tizen. According to the MeeGo blog, it was stated that the future is for HTML5 and so it’s important that they make some move.

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