Top Features of Windows Phone 7 handsets

Posted By: Rahul

Top Features of Windows Phone 7 handsets

The Windows Phone 7 features are expected to be among the best. These features would make smartphones more user-friendly and also convert them into Multimedia Phones. Thus, you can be ensured of a rich user functionality.

In sync with this, let us look at some of the best features that the Windows Phone 7 operating system will be providing you:

Guest Mode: This is one of the important features in the Windows Phone 7. Through this, you can hide all personal information like e-mails, social network updates, login data etc. With the Guest Mode, you no longer have to worry about your personal data getting leaked out to your friends. Guest Mode also enables multi-user phone usage that is many people can use your Windows Phone without getting access to your personal data.

User Interface Customization: Windows Phones will allow you to customize the interface however you want. You can change tiles, add colour to your phone, modify the background theme etc. This feature basically allows you to edit your Windows Phone and use it as per your desire.

Media Format support: Users of Windows Phones certainly expect media format support. Through this, the multimedia experience is not only enhanced but becomes fulfilling as well. Now, Windows Phones in future are going to be incorporated with more media format supports. Cool isn't it?. Thus, Windows Phones now become Multimedia Windows Phones.

These are some of the brilliant features of present and future Windows Phones. More features and specifications are expected to be incorporated. All this will surely take Windows Phone users by storm.

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