Aerial7 customized headphones for children

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Aerial7 customized headphones for children

Children aren’t like how they were once before. They know everything and have a burning desire to learn even more than what their brains seem to be capable of. Adults are surprised at how kids seem to know much more than they did when they were young. Some would say that children have lost their innocence in the process, but this is a sign of the times.

Kids are perhaps the first to review any new smartphone, camera, music system or laptop that is launched. Manufacturers have capitalized on this and have begun to launch special products designed just for kids. Very soon there could be a whole range of electronic devices in the market conceived with children in mind.

iGo has launched the Aerial7 Arcade headphone series specifically conceived for children. These have exciting and funky designs and colours which would surely endear themselves to the hearts of children. As you’d expect, these come in a smaller size to fit the small heads of kids comfortably. But all that doesn’t affect the performance of these headphones.

Aerial7 Arcade headphones have been designed to provide a listening experience of the highest quality. Kids can use these with mobile handsets (everyone has a mobile phone these days), digital music players, MP3 music sticks, iPods and other such devices. Among the innovative technology iGo has featured in Aerial7 Arcade headphones is the Automatic Volume Reduction (AVR) feature that ensures safe listening for kids by keeping the maximum volume at 85db. But this doesn’t compromise on the sound quality by any means.

Aerial7 Arcade headphones for children are offered in four designs, but it isn’t known whether the products would be available in India.

iGo Inc. is a well known manufacturer of one of the widest range of electronic accessories for mobile phones and eco friendly solutions for power management. These eco-friendly products are known to reduce power wastage and power standby automatically through the Green technology patented by iGo.

iGo has roped in Shaquile O’Neal, the famous NBA player as the spokesman for all their audio products. O’Neal believes that iGo’s Aerial7 Arcade headphones are fun yet safe products for children. O’Neal also thinks that with the holidays approaching, Aerial7 headphones make for a great holiday present.

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