Dr Dre Beatbox music device available in market

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Dr Dre Beatbox music device available in market


Dr Dre comes with the new Beatbox which when connected to your smart phone gives spectacular volume level. With various music gadgets available for smart phones, Dr Dre Beatbox is speculated to create a landmark in the world of smart phones. Dr Dre Beatbox comes in two colours black and white. Dr Dre Beatbox is expected to give a distortion less crystal quality sound with the help of improved sound engineering. The key specifications and features of Dr Dre Beatbox are as given below.

Key specifications and features of Dr Dre Beatbox:

  • Improved sound that gives you more of a club like experience

  • Reaches surprisingly high volumes compared to its size

  • Multi-purpose remote to control power and volume which can even handle your iPod and iPhone

  • Automatic volume down technology relieves you from being ambushed by rude volume start

  • Stylish and excellent interface to communicate with the device

  • Carrying handle makes it easy to handle and eases the portability

  • Integrated iPhone/iPad dock ensures the safe guard of your connected device

  • Overall dimensions of 22.5 x 8.75x 10 inches

  • Provided with an 1 year warranty

Dr Dre Beatbox comes with a new stylish look and a user friendly interface to communicate with. It is the new icon of party as buying this device brings party to your home. You may be deceived by the small size of the Beatbox. But you will be satisfied seeing the sound waving from the Beatbox. Beatbox comes with a remote control with which you can control the device from a remote distance through an infra red port in the device.

Dr Dre Beatbox comes with easy carrying handles on both the sides of Beatbox. While it is battery powered it comes packed with an AC adapter for alternate use when plugged in for hours. Dr Dre Beatbox is an easily portable party option that you can recommend for your friends without staggering back for a second chance to reconsider.

The slogan of Beatbox itself claims that it converge the spirits of symphony, potential of rock, every fragile details of jazz and the pumping beats of Hiphop. Here it remains true to the words it claims.

Dr Dre Beatbox will be available in the market soon and is priced at around Rs. 20,000/-.


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