High Class Sennheiser VMX 200 bluetooth headsets

Posted By: Rahul

High Class Sennheiser VMX 200 bluetooth headsets

It is obvious that with time the trend will also change. Earlier it was headsets with wires which ruled the market but today; it is the wireless Bluetooth headset era. Yes, Bluetooth wireless headsets are trendy, stylish as well as flexible and convenient. There are many devices available which offer Bluetooth facility but how many can offer reliability and durability?

Well, we can consider Sennheiser as one among the most trusted which has the potential to deliver high quality products with durability and reliability. With experience of more than five decades, Sennheiser is one of the greatest companies in the music industry which have served people around the globe with far above the ground quality music. In this modern world where the music gadget manufacturers trying to establish a new dimension with Bluetooth technology; Sennheiser has already come up with something very fresh, also with a new style statement.

Yes, the company has launched Sennheiser VMX 200 bluetooth headset which features two in built microphones. There might be confusion on the necessary of two different microphones, but surprisingly the manufacturers have some explanation. According to which the specialty of two microphones is that it has the capacity to determine the direction from which the sound comes. Moreover there is inbuilt software which helps to detect additional noise. The software has been specially developed for high quality voice cancellation facility. This will help to leverage voice cancellation to the maximum and avoid unnecessary external voice which interrupts smooth conversation between the speaker and the listener.

VMX 200 bluetooth headset also offers High-end-speakers which have the capacity to produce elegant sound with clarity. The speaker type is Dynamic and has neodymium magnet incorporated in it for high performance. Moreover as the device is very light it will provide very comfortable experience. The overall weight is just 10 grams. It is also enhanced with superb battery management system. The gadget has the power to work continuously for 6 hours for continuous conversation. The headset also ensures stand by facility up to 10 days. Well, more surprisingly it requires only 2 hours to get fully charged which is a very big advantage while comparing with many other headsets in the market today. As far as the Bluetooth version incorporated in it is considered it is the version 3.0 + EDR. The supported profile of the device is HSP + HFP. The overall retail package of Sennheiser VMX 200 bluetooth headset includes an adapter for charging and USB cable.

This is an ultimate product which can be easily connected to any Bluetooth enabled digital device. It takes seconds to get connected to other device. The user can easily fit the device to his or her ear as it has a hook which will help you to hook it to the ear. Ultimately Sennheiser VMX 200 bluetooth headset is a perfect piece of technological advancement with an affordable price.

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