Logitech G930 a cool headset for game and music lovers

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Logitech G930 a cool headset for game and music lovers

When using headphones the wires pose a major challenge especially when playing games. The wires restrict the mobility of the user since it will be like they are chained to the PC. So the best option will be to go for a wireless headset. Logitech has a cool wireless headset to offer for those who would like to enjoy a little freedom from wires. The headset is named as Logitech G930.

Features and specifications of Logitech G930:

  • Good build quality

  • 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity

  • Instant connection

  • 20 Hz - 20, 000 Hz frequency response

  • Virtual surround sound features

  • Superb quality microphone with back ground noise suppressing capability

  • 10 hour battery life

  • Integrated sound card that bypasses the systems sound card

  • Programmable G-Keys

The headphone has a very good build quality. It comes in an overall black colour scheme. The ear cups are large and have some what rhombus shape. They sit over your ears, covering them completely. The ear cups as well as the head band have very soft and plush padding. This padding ensures a firm and comfortable fit. Since the ear cups completely cover the ear they provide some noise isolation too. The ear cups are swiveling type. This means that they can be folded up enabling for easy storage and transport.

The headphone is very easy to set up. The wireless transmitter plugs in via USB port, just does that and you are good to go since all the drivers will be installed automatically. One main feature in the headphone is virtual surround sound.

The head phone has an integrated sound card in it that provides the user with 7.1 surround sound effect. This gives you a very unique experience while playing games. When playing combat games like Battlefield you can even hear enemies foot steps like he is walking next to you and the tanks appears to run past you. The microphone provides very good background noise cancellation.

It can also be bent and twist into the required position. To mute the microphone, just swing it back up to its normal position. To mute it without changing the position, there is a button for it just besides the volume button.

Logitech G930 wireless headset comes with a price of around Rs.15,000/- in India. It may be a bit pricey but when considering the sound quality it is more than worth its price tag.

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