Make A style statement with SL150 headset from Soul Electronics

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Make A style statement with SL150 headset from Soul Electronics

Soul Electronics is a brand name in the manufacture of consumer electronic products especially in the manufacture of audio products and its accessories. The latest product that they have launched in to the international market includes the launch of Soul Electronics SL150 headset that is expected to come with lot of advanced features and specifications and there by enhancing the users with superior sound effects and audio quality that provides them with a pleasant state of mind.

Instead of providing a thumping bass response, this headset is known for providing the users with a balanced performance across the audio spectrum. And that is considered to be one of the major success factors as far as this product is concerned.

Soul Electronics SL150 headsets has the capability of reproducing the voice exactly in a realistic way as it comes from that of a vocal or an acoustic guitar as well as spare drum kit with flair and this quality of the headset from Soul Electronics really deserves appreciation. The headset also has the capability in rendering the delicate kind of overtones especially founding an African thumb piano. The design of this headset is pretty impressive as far as the users are concerned with cute looks that is further enhanced by a smoother black finish as well as a glossy black plastic that acts as a fingerprint magnet. The device is circular in design which is followed by the presence of two articulate ear cups.

The headphones are considerably lighter in weight compared to its competitors which makes it easy to wear as well as extremely portable while travelling. The device is further enhanced by the presence of smaller muffs. The headband present in the device is considerably thicker and wider and it especially makes use of a high quality synthetic leather known as Quilted Vinyl material that itself shows the quality of the Soul Electronics products.

The presence of sturdy stainless steel in Soul Electronics SL150 headset helps in the fabrication of the adjustable part of the band. The indexing present in the device ensures the adjustment in both the sides. The device comes with the implementation of two ribbon cables. Out of the two ribbon cables, one is a straight cable with remote control that has been especially designed in controlling the functions of the Apple based iOS devices where as the other one is a standard audio cable. The device is compatible with most of the smartphones as well as multimedia devices.

Additional features of Soul Electronics SL150 headset include the presence of a tangle resistant cable that ensures easier cable management. It also comes with a think folding design that can help in easy storage. Other features include a connector, which is gold plated for seamless signal transfer as well as the presence of a protective road case that ensures convenience as well as storage. For providing exceptional bass, advanced driver and circuitry design has been provided in the device. The list price tag of Soul Electronics SL150 headset is around more than Rs.10,000 in India as per the sources.

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