Zebronics Announces Phenom Multimedia Headphones for Rs 749

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Zebronics Announces Phenom Multimedia Headphones for Rs 749

Leading hardware manufacturer in India, Zebronics has unveiled its latest product, Phenom multimedia headphone with digital volume controller. The headphone also has a dedicated mute button, mic on and off, along with an inbuilt microphone. Zebronics is targeting avid gamers with this device. Zebronics already has a good reputation for arriving with extremely convenient accessories for gamers.

The company promises that the device will be particularly useful as a gaming accessory delivering enhanced sound experience for gamers. The new headphone also delivers superior sound isolation and the ear cups are also designed to be extremely comfortable. The ear cups are made using foam ear cushions which adjust to the shape of the years. This will ensure that gamers are able to continue prolonged levels of gaming without ear pain.

The cable of the headphone is 1.8 meter long. It has a multifunction remote control attached to it. The attached mic with the headphone is also designed for optimum usage. Phenom headphones has a frequency range of 20HZ-20000HZ.The device has been particularly designed for gaming, music playing, watching movies ,making online calls etc.

Zebronics has claimed the overall designing of the product to be extremely appealing and the company is hopeful that it will manage to gather the attention of style conscious customers. The device is currently available in Classic Black Colour. Phenom multimedia headphone with digital volume controller can be purchased from retail stores at a price tag of Rs.749.


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