50 GB free Dropbox storage with Samsung Galaxy S3

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50 GB free Dropbox storage with Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung has announced an amazing offer for the Galaxy S3 buyers. As per the offer, every user who buys the Galaxy S3 will receive 50 GB free storage in Dropbox, cloud storage service for their device. Previously, HTC announced a similar offer for the smartphone buyers. The manufacturer offered a free storage of 25 GB in Dropbox.

This is not a new move as many service providers have started offering the cloud storage services for the users. For instance, Apple is offering cloud services to the users using iCloud, Microsoft has got Skydrive and recently Google has come up with Google Drive. The cloud storage service of Google offers 5 GB free storage space for the Android devices.

Using Dropbox, the Galaxy S3 users can save and share pictures, videos, documents, files and other data across several devices. It also allows then to create and share the public libraries with others either bu posting the links of the popular websites or by invitation.

The Dropbox application is already available for the mobile platforms like BlackBerry, iOS and Android for free. It offers a free storage of 2 GB to all the users. But the Galaxy S3 users will get a huge amount of storage space, 50 GB. This large storage space will normally require a huge annual subscription fee. The free storage space will be valid only for 24 months. After the time period, the users will have to pay to continue the subscription.

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