Android Market achieves 10 billion downloads

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Android Market achieves 10 billion downloads


For the time being, there are only two large app stores online and they are nothing other than the Apple iTunes and Android Market of Google. Even Amazon and Barnes & Noble have their app stores but they do not operate independently and they are actually the feeders of the brand, Android as such.

Analysis on the figures of the downloads in the Android Market, Google seems to require no help as the Android Market on the whole has achieved a download count of 10 billions and this number is increasing as the weekend has just passed. The download figures are likely to increase rapidly as the Android Market is growing every month with a rate of 1 billion application downloads every month.

The Android Market was actually launched in 2008 and it reached 1 billion downloads in the month of July 2010 and exactly a year later, that is in July 2011 the cit has crossed 6 billion downloads. Obviously the comparison between Android Market and iTunes has to be made at this point of time as the latter which was also launched in July 2008 has reached the download count of 10 billions in January 2011 itself.

Google has decided to celebrate this anyhow and it will reward the Android consumers by making certain paid apps for only 10 cents each. The company will also make an all new set of applications for promotion every day for another 10 days.

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