Apple vs Samsung: What is it about?

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Today, Apple and Samsung are meeting at one of the most watched patent trials in California. This trial could decide the future of the smartphone and tablet industry. Apple has accused Samsung of copying the iPad and iPhone design.

In 2011, Apple Inc has filed a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co. The Cupertino based firm has alleged that the Samsung's smartphones and tablets are copies of its well known iPhone and iPad.

Apple is demanding $2.5 billion in damages from Samsung. If this was awarded, it will set a record as the largest patent related verdict till date. On the other hand, Samsung, the world's largest technology company counters that Apple is doing the stealing job.

Both the tech titans have engaged in many allegations in several courts across the world. A German court banned Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 in Europe. A UK court claimed that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is not as cool as the Apple iPad and that it was not a copy.

The Apple - Samsung trial is a big fight between the two tech titans. The main thing that concerns us is that if either one wins, those who will suffer the most will be the users.

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