Cyanogen's CEO, Kirt McMaster Dreams Of A "Google-Less" Android

Cyanogen is a name well known in the mobile industry. What's in line is the $80 million funding which they've received from big houses such as Twitter Ventures, Qualcomm, Telefónica Ventures, Rupert Murdoch and several other big-name investors.

Cyanogen's CEO Kirt McMaster says, it will use the funding to "hire talent and accelerate the development of its open OS platform." Mcmaster makes it very clear that he and his team are on a venture to a "Google Less Android". The outspoken CEO went out to say that "We're putting a bullet through Google's head."

Cyanogen's CEO, Kirt McMaster Dreams Of A

McMaster dosen't at all look happy by the fact that Google has the hold over the open source operating system. The CEO's word might seem to be very blunt but when you have $80 millions dollars of funding from well-known organizations these statements can surely be made.

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Here's the second fact! McMaster already has a Miami based handset manufacturer at his disposal. Blu is expected to produce the first phone to run on the Google-less Android platform made by Cyanogen later this year. Blu's chief executive says that he hopes to have the Amazon Appstore instead of Google Play, Nokia HERE for maps, one of Opera's third party browsers, OneDrive and Dropbox for cloud based storage and Spotify for music. Bing would handle the searches while Cortana will would be the personal assistant.

Cyanogen's CEO, Kirt McMaster Dreams Of A

At present, around 50 million people have a Cyanogen powered handset according to the company's market research. Their analysts say it could go up to 1 billion. There is a long road between 50 million and 1 billion, but it is a road that McMaster is passionately hoping to ride on.

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