Firefox 10 web browser to be released soon

Posted By: Rahul

Firefox 10 web browser to be released soon

Mozilla Firefox which has taken internet browsing to a new level is all set to launch it's flagship browser the Firefox 10. This is good news as far as the digital world is concerned as the Firefox 10 had created a lot of pre-launch hype ever since the launch of it's predecessor, the Firefox 9.

As per confirmed reports, Firefox 10 will be launched on 1 February 2011 officially. The Firefox 10 is expected to provide improved features one of them being good extension support. This eliminates the drawbacks of earlier Firefox versions which were not allowing users to enable extensions that were not supported by them. Now with the latest version of Firefox, this is enabled and thereby gives more freedom to the users.

One interesting factor of the Firefox 10 is the Extended Support Release. According to this concept, the security issues and the bug fixes will be installed in Firefox 10 as the year progresses. Firefox ESR updates will take place once in every 42 weeks. One more feature in the Firefox 10 is the automatic updates which ensure that users no longer need to download updates manually.

The Firefox 10 is being released for different platforms such as Linux, Android devices like Android smartphones and Android Tablets.


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