James Webb Telescope Looks Back Into The Past; Shares First-Ever Images Of Remote Galaxies


The James Webb telescope has been one of NASA's most ambitious projects. After years of delay and technical snags, the massive telescope with gigantic mirrors unfolded in space. Now, NASA has released the first images that the James Webb telescope has taken of some of the deepest galaxies in space.

James Webb Telescope Shares First-Ever Image Of Remote Galaxies

NASA Releases James Webb Telescope's First Images

The images that NASA has released provide an in-depth analysis of where the Earth stands and how minute the entire human race could be! The James Webb telescope has provided a clear image of the early universe that can be dated back to 13 billion years ago, which is 800 million years younger than the Big Bang itself.

The magnificent image released by the White House in the US shows thousands of galaxies and faint objects in blue, orange, and white colors. "We are looking back at more than 13 billion years. The light that you are seeing on one of these little specks has been traveling for 13 billion years," said NASA administrator Bill Nelson.

The release of James Webb's first image marked off an official event. American President Joe Bidden and Vice President Kamala Harris were also at the event, unveiling stunning images of the galaxies. NASA said that the release of the images marks the official beginning of Webb's science operations, which will continue to explore key science themes.

Looking back, NASA had previously released a couple of images as a teaser to behold. The photo is a result of 72 exposures that occurred over 32 hours. This is one of the deepest images of the universe that anyone on Earth has ever seen. It would also pave way for future explorations.

James Webb Telescope: The Journey So Far

The James Webb telescope has been one of the most challenging missions for NASA so far. Bigger than the Hubble telescope, the Webb telescope is also significantly expensive. The coronavirus and the consequent pandemic affected the launch of the massive project. Earlier this year, the James Webb telescope was fully deployed in space.


One of the key parts of the James Webb telescope is the mirror, which was also successfully unfolded in space. It's been six months since the full deployment and the telescope has given us its first glimpse of the universe. We can expect detailed observations in the coming months.

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