'Let It Snow' from Google is a surprise

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'Let It Snow' from Google is a surprise

After the huge success of the Barrel Roll easter egg, a new surprise from Google is here. Are you ready for the pleasant surprise? Stop your work right now and open the Google homepage. In the search box type 'Let it Snow' and then see the surprise yourself. As you type the phrase itself you can see snow flakes will start falling on your browser and they will soon turn your screen into will snow and cover your search results.

Allow it to snow for sometime and then you will find the entire browser filled with snow. Soon as the browser is turned into a frozen lake, its your turn to skate with your mouse. You can move the mouse and click on anywhere to remove some snowflakes that are accumulated on the browser.

If you want to get a clear screen immediately, simply click on the defrost button that is on the screen in the place of the magnifying glass for the search button. Recently, Google created another one like this do a barrel roll and this became too popular and it rotated all the search results of Google.

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