Microsoft denies making Windows Phone 8 devices

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Microsoft denies making Windows Phone 8 devices

Last week we reported that Microsoft will be making its own smartphone for the Windows Phone 8 operating system. This was not officially confirmed by the software giant and it followed the announcement of the Windows Phone 8 platform. Since the company opted in for its own hardware for the Surface tablets, this news was meaningful.

In an interview, The Senior Marketing Manager of Windows Phone, Greg Suvllivan was asked about this. He denied all the rumors and stated that they will not make one. He made it clear that the company is happy with the work of the OEMs like Nokia, Huawei, HTC and Samsung.

Conflictingly, an analyst, Rick Sherfund wrote that the industry sources claim that Microsoft combined with a contract manufacturer have been planning to develop their own handset for the WP8. But, it is not clear if this is a reference platform or if its a go to the market Microsoft branded smartphone.

Windows Phone 8 will be a great deal for the software giant when it is out as the platform will help it build a better ecosystem between the desktop PCs and Surface tablets. The WP 8 is based on the core technology of Windows 8. The two will share the features like web browser technology, media, security, networking and file system. These features will result in better performance and pave way for new opportunities for the hardware makers and app developers.

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